08 June 98 - 14 June 98
Highlights within this period includes:
  • Quantum Obsidian2 200SB-8440V
  • Singapore Overclockers' Group
  • New New New Video Drivers!
  • TMC TI5VG+ Review
  • Singapore One & @Home Network
  • Matrox G200 Vs Voodoo2
  • Intel Chip Prices
  • Voodoo2 & DirectX 6.0
  • 3D Chipsets - What are they?
  • AMD Roadmap
  • Wicked3D Benchmarks
  • K6-2 Available!
  • Overclock that K6-2 Now!
  • Pioneer DR-U06S Review
  • Singapore Hardware Zone
  • Redline Racer Review
  • Stealth V2 Cooler
  • Pentium II 450mhz
  • Listen to Email
  • IE 5.0 Developer Release
  • Matrox Millenium G200 Review
  • Montego A3DXtream
  • Unreal on PowerVRSG
  • Voodoo2 Roundup
  • AMD K6-2 Review
  • GameSpot's Best of E3
  • Toshiba XM-6201
  • STB Announces Velocity 4400
  • Asus 34X Review
14th June 1998 {Sunday}
Asus 34X Review   14th June 23:55 pm 

Again, Hardware One gives you the exclusive review on the popular Asus 34X UDMA CD-ROM reader.

The benchmark results from this drive are astonishing. The results were higher than the Plextor UltraPlex or any other drives out there in the market. With an impressive WinMark of 1940 and a low CPU utilization of 8.67%, this drive is simply too good for the price.

STB Announces Velocity 4400   14th June 23:37 pm 

STB announced in their press release of their launch of the Velocity 4400, which will be the first product in the market to be based on the highly anticipated RIVA TNT chipset. Gosh! I'm fainting. When is it coming to sunny island Singapore???!!!!! Here's a clip from the press:

The Velocity 4400 addresses the needs of the performance mainstream graphics market and will be available later this summer. The RIVA TNT processor, with its 32-bit true color TwiN Texel multi-texturing architecture, delivers two pixels-per-clock performance and is designed to provide consumers with a stunningly realistic 2D and 3D graphics experience. With its ability to sustain exceptionally high fill rates into a 16MB frame buffer, the RIVA TNT processor allows highest resolutions and color depths yielding real-time interactivity up to 1600x1200 resolution. In addition to delivering astonishing quality, the RIVA TNT is designed to provide the industry's highest 2D/3D graphics performance and essential multimedia features in one processor.

"The RIVA TNT will extend the triumphant run for NVIDIA that has positioned them as the premiere supplier of 3D graphics technology to STB," remarked J. Shane Long, vice president of sales and marketing at STB Systems, Inc. "We have evaluated the forthcoming 3D graphics processors and are confident the Velocity 4400 will emerge as the performance leader in the consumer segment of the market."

Toshiba XM-6201   14th June 22:47 pm 

Hardware One gives you the exclusive review on the Toshiba XM-6201 32X SCSI CD-ROM reader.

Toshiba’s new 32-speed CD-ROM drive brings leading edge performance to the CD-ROM market. Available in an internal SCSI and features a fast 90ms average random access and a transfer rate up to 4,800KB/sec (4.8MB/second). This high performance is combined with MPC-3 compatibility and multisession Photo CD support to make the drive suitable for demanding data and multimedia applications.

GameSpot's Best of E3   14th June 14:25 pm 

GameSpot has delivered its final verdict on the best of E3, thereby concluding the long search for the most promising and exciting games that will be coming our way. This review sums up the hard work and geniuses of the PC game makers. Roll over to feast upon the story and the screenshots GameSpot has put up.

AMD K6-2 Review   14th June 08:23 pm 

Anandtech has just completed this thorough review of the K6-2 from AMD. Read his analysis as well as some benchmarks which he has done.

Expect support for this processor to grow tremendously in the future, while it will be replaced by AMD's K6-3 later this year the K6-2 will definitely please more than a few users during its reign at the top of the cost efficient gaming market.  Finally the term cost efficient does not represent a poor performer, as the benchmarks clearly show, the cost efficient K6-2 is not a poor performer. 

13th June 1998 {Saturday}
Voodoo 2 Roundup   13th June 15:35 pm 

Ever wondered which of the Voodoo 2 boards will give you the best performance? OGR.COM has done a comprehensive benchmark on the following cards:

The full story is here!

clv2.jpg (12837 bytes)
12th June 1998 {Friday}
Unreal on PowerVRSG   12th June 21:25 pm 

Have a look at the screenshots of Unreal running on the PowerVRSG posted by pvr-net. So get an idea of what NEC's soon-to-be screamer will be capable of. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.

Montego A3DXtream   12th June 21:18 pm 

Computer Heaven has dished out their review of Turtle Beach's new kid on the block. The Montego A3DXtream is based on the Aureal's A3D chip, delivering to us another solid contester in the 3D audio industry. Here's some of what they have to say:

"The sound quality of the card is very good.  The line out is quite clean.  It could be hooked up to a stereo or headphones with no detectable hiss or distortion when the volume was set at appropriate levels.  The MIDI quality is excellent, in some cases rivaling or surpassing the best I've ever heard.  Some notable instruments are the Alto Sax, all the different strings and guitars, and the drum set was among the best all-round that I've ever heard.   In fact, the cymbals are THE best sounding that I have EVER heard out of a synthesizer (including some retail keyboards)."

"A3D is incredible.  With my two Altec Lansing ACS400 speakers I can hear sounds from any section of 3D space.   Headphones are even better.  Only sounds that are beneath where I am are difficult to identify.  Some people may wonder what good A3D does.  It makes any and every player of an A3D game able to concentrate with their eyes on what is ahead because they can hear things going on behind them and be prepared to take whatever measures for what is behind them without taking their eyes on what is ahead.  It alone improved my gameplay faster than any other method or even some cheats."

Matrox Millenium G200 Review   12th June 21:03 pm 

Here's the latest scoop on the best of Matrox. Read what Windows Sources has to say about the Millenium G200 in their review:

We tested the board in a 300-MHz Pentium II-based system. The Millennium G200's 3D WinMark 98 score of 615 beat our previous 3D champion, Real 3D's Intel 740-based Starfighter AGP 3D (see "Real 3D Shoots to the Top with Starfighter," Hardware, May 1998) among cards we've tested by 12% (see "Matrox's 2D & 3D Powerhouse"). In 2D graphics, the Millennium's score of 163 million pixels per second was 7% better than that of our previous 2D champion, the Number Nine Revolution 3D (see "Number Nine's Ticket to Ride," Hardware, December 1997). Its Business Winstone 98 score of 22.5 was also top-notch. We ran into no problems running the Millennium G200 under Windows NT 4 on the same system.

IE 5 Developer Release   12th June 08:11 am 

Yup, you read me. It is available for download at here. New features include :

  • Boasts improved support for key standards, including the Document Object Model (DOM), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and Extensible Markup Language (XML)
  • Is delivered as a set of reusable components that can make your application's HTML-viewing and editing tasks a snap to implement
  • Makes the power of DHTML available for everyone through a new feature, DHTML Behaviors

Listen to E-Mail   12th June 08:04 am 

How many times have you missed an important e-mail because you've been away from your computer or unable to get online?

There is a new software called CoolMail, which consolidates all your e-mail accounts and then gives you access to messages from any or all of them with a simple call from a car, a plane, a hotel or anywhere else you find a phone. You can even send e-mail by speaking into the phone. When there are messages in your inbox, the service's automated attendant will "read" them to you, using state-of-the-art voice technology that converts text to speech. With CoolMail, a person is no longer tied to a computer; all one needs is a telephone.

"We developed CoolMail with the traveling sales and business executive in mind, but we quickly found that almost everyone on the go would benefit from this service," said Michael O'Roark, president of Planetary Motion. "Anyone can use CoolMail. There are a lot of people who want to use e-mail, but they don't have a computer handy, they like the idea of no lugging, no plugging. With CoolMail, everything is available over the phone - and it's free."

Pentium II 450 MHz   12th June 07:46 am 

Intel is pushing to release the Pentium II 450 MHz in a few weeks time.

"We are currently selling as high as a 400 MHz product, and within a matter of weeks you will see a 450 MHz product introduced," Gordon Casey, the director of investor relations for Intel, told the Piper Jaffray investors conference here.

The Pentium II Xeon which is to replace the ageing Pentium Pro, will be available later this month too.

11 June 1998 {Thursday}
Stealth V2 Cooler   11th June 22:17 pm 

Introducing a very cool device - literally. Here's TennMax's hi-tech cooling unit for your hottest gaming card based on the Voodoo2 chips - Stealth V2 Cooler. TennMax has showed us a truly innovative and advanced design. Using a "thermal transferring plate" over the 2 TMUs and 1 FBI chips on the 3Dfx board, they are able to improve heat dissipation while only utilizing a single fan. Here's two closeups... and you'll discover that they had named it the Stealth coz' the plate resembles the B-2 Stealth Bomber.

Redline Racer Review   11th June 21:48 pm 

Gamer's Alliance put up a nice little review of Redline Racer, with lotsa pretty screenshots showing off cool features like lens flare, transparent water, etc. I'll show you the screenshots, but you gotta pay them a visit for the full story yah?

Singapore Hardware Zone   11th June 16:52 pm 

For those who are looking for hardware reviews, Singapore Hardware Zone have the Zone Skywell MAGIC 3D II & STB BlackMagic 3D reviews. Feel free to pop over to take a look at them.

10th June 1998 {Wednesday}
Pioneer DR-U06S Review   10th June 23:21 pm 

Hardware One brings you the exclusive review of the Pioneer DR-U06S 32X SCSI CD-ROM drive.

Using a radically redesigned LSI (Large Scale Integrated circuit) chipset in combination with a newly developed pickup assembly, the DR-U06S combines an ultra-high sustained date transfer rate of 2,100 - 4,950 KB/s with an extremely fast access time of barely 70 ms (average). Regardless of the CD-ROM application, the DR-U06S provides an optimum performance which ultimately results in a significant saving in time.

Unique 'Vibration Detection / Speed Control': Some discs are imbalanced or have an eccentric center of gravity. Rotating such a disc at top speed (when reading from the inner part of the disc) might cause strong vibrations. Pioneer's 15-32X CD-ROM drives use a unique Vibration Detection / Speed Control feature - to eliminate the occurrence of such vibrations, while maintaining optimum performance.

Overclock that K6-2 Now!   10th June 21:50 pm 

Cheap Chip. Cheap Chip. At less than S$400, AMD has truly hit the sweet spot of our market.

So much for value and bang for the buck. Now we learn to squeeze even more juice from the already blazing fast processor from AMD. Yes. Cyrellis just posted their successful attempt at overclocking the K6-2, from 333mhz to 380mhz on a Microstar MS 5169 Super7 motherboard.

As we await even better and more overclockable Super7 motherboards to arrive, the K6-2 has already demonstrated its tremendous potential. See Cyrellis' benchmark chart below or read the full story:

AMD K6-2 380MHz
Gaming/3D Benchmark Results
800x600 Results AMD K6-2 380MHz AMD K6-2 380 with 3DNow! Intel P2-400MHz
Incoming Rating 75.9 N/A 98.0
Quake II Timedemo1 48.6 70.6 66.2
Quake II Massive1 34.6 54.8 52.5
640x480 Results AMD K6-2 380 AMD K6-2 380 with 3DNow! Intel P2-400MHz
MaruBench v1.0 N/A 26.6fps 15.0fps
Incoming Rating 80.9 N/A 115.0
Quake II Timedemo1 50.7 87.5 87.0
Quake II Massive1 35.8 63.6 62.9
Synthetic CPU Benhmark Results
  AMD K6-2 380 AMD K6-2 380 with 3DNow! Intel P2-400MHz
ZD Winbench 98 CPUmark16 670 N/A 777
ZD Winbench 98 CPUmark32 847 N/A 1010
ZD Winbench 98 FPUmark 1310 N/A 2050
ZD 3D Winbench 98 N/A 1210 970

Beyond PII-400mhz class performance for only 'bout $400? It's a no brainer!

K6-2 available   10th June 16:01 pm 

They are fast. They are mean. The K6-2 is finally here in Singapore. Available at $268 for the 266 MHz and $295 for the 300 MHz version, they are a real bargain.

Bad news are that there ain't a lot of Super7 motherboard available in Singapore yet. :(

Wicked3D Benchmarks 10th June 09:02 am 

Just received news from 3DBrotherhood that the Wicked3D review is completed.The Wicked 3D that was  reviewed was an OEM version that came with 12MB of on board memory (4 MB frame buffer and 4 MB texture buffer for each of the two Texelfx2 units, making 12 MB altogether).  The card is capable of all the Voodoo 2 12MB standards: 800x600 z-buffered, 1024x768 without z-buffer.  The Board also carries the prized Silicon Magic 25ns EDO RAM, which defaults through the Metabyte drivers at 92MHz.

The Wicked3D beats the Voodoo2 reference board used by the Orchid Righteous II. Watch out for this board if it comes to Singapore.

AMD Roadmap 10th June 08:45 am 

Here is the AMD future processor roadmap. The K6-3 will be coming out with a full 64K L1 cache, 256K L2 cache as well as a L3 cache on the motherboard.

9th June 1998 {Tuesday}
3D Chipsets - What are they?   9th June 13:46 pm 

If you are confused which 3D accelerator card to buy, do not worry. Avault just posted a news article on the various cards available. The news article touch on the various cards architecture, 3D features supported etc. The cards include :

Voodoo2 and DirectX 6.0 9th June 16:37 pm 

Here's a press release from 3Dfx on the benchmark results of a Voodoo2 on beta drivers of DirectX 6.0.

3Dfx Interactive(tm), Inc. today announced that a pre-production version of its new software reference driver for Microsoft DirectX 6.0 brings new performance gains to its Voodoo2(tm) chipset for 3D graphics, breaking a world record as the first 3D accelerator to exceed 1000 points in the 3D Winbench 98 benchmark from Ziff Davis Benchmarking Operation.

Despite the drivers not yet being fully optimized, the 3Dfx Interactive card scored 1,350 points in the dual board scanlined interleave configuration or, 1260 points with a single board, almost 400 points above its nearest competitor. The test was conducted on a PC with an Intel(r) Pentium(r) II 400 MHz processor using the beta version of DirectX 6.0 distributed last month at the Computer Game Developers Conference.

"Voodoo2 is far and away the performance leader in the world of 3D gaming," said Andy Keane, vice president of marketing for 3Dfx Interactive. "Despite our industry leading score, benchmarks like 3D Winbench tell only part of the story; it is the chipset's performance of real 3D games that ultimately counts, and this is where you will see an even broader gap between Voodoo2 and anything else." DirectX 6.0 offers a number of important enhancements for optimal 3D graphics performance. The pre-release DirectX 6.0 reference driver for Voodoo2 is a native driver rather than a recompile. As a result, Voodoo2 utilizes all of the DirectX 6.0 enhancements, and eliminates previous limitations on maximum performance. 3Dfx Interactive plans to release the driver shortly after Microsoft releases DirectX 6.0 later this summer.

"We applaud 3Dfx for participating in the industry review of the DirectX 6.0 3D pipeline and driver model, and helping us make sure it enables Voodoo2 to achieve full performance," said Kevin Bachus, product manager for DirectX at Microsoft Corporation. "We believe DirectX 6.0 transparently unlocks the power of Voodoo2 for Windows developers and consumers around the world and look forward to even greater performance when both DirectX 6.0 and the final 3Dfx driver are released."

Intel Chip Prices   9th June 13:46 pm 

Intel Corporation today introduced the Intel Celeron processor 300 MHz, the second member of that processor family designed to meet the core computing and affordability needs of the sub-$1,200 Basic PC market segment. The new Intel Celeron processor provides balanced performance for many of today’s applications, ranging from standard business programs to educational titles for consumers.

Here is a table I compiled on the Intel chip prices that were effective on 7th June. Prices shown are in US$.

Processor Speed 4/15 price 6/7 price
Pentium II 400 MHz $824 $722
Pentium II 350 MHz $621 $519
Pentium II 333 MHz $492 $412
Pentium II 300 MHz $375 $305
Pentium II 266 MHz $246 $198
Pentium II 233 MHz $198 $161
Celeron 300 MHz NA $159
Celeron 266 MHz $155 $106
Pentium MMX 233 MHz $134 $106
Pentium MMX 200 MHz $95 $95
Pentium MMX 166 MHz $95 $95

Source: Intel
Figures refer to volume wholesale price. Actual wholesale and retail price will vary.

Matrox G200 vs Voodoo2 9th June 09:26 am 

The guys over at Matrox Users Resource Group just posted the benchmark results of the Matrox G200 and Voodoo2 on the Microsoft Flight Simulator 98. Apparently, the G200 is about 10% faster than the Voodoo2  even though it's running on a early beta of the drivers.

The Benchmarks consist of several (usually three) different situations where you will observe the frame rate of the sim.  Each Benchmark is run under a specified combination of settings, which will be identical for everyone running the tests, so that the results will be truely comparable.

8th Jun 1998 {Monday}
Singapore ONE & @Home Network  8th June 22:28 pm 

Here's a snippet on the collaboration of Singapore One and @Home Network in North America. (Full story)

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 8, 1998-- Singapore ONE, the world's first broadband network to go ``live'' and deliver advanced interactive and multimedia applications and services to a mass user base, is a major highlight at the Entertainment Media Asia 98 (EMAsia 98) Conference in Universal City. Launched earlier this week by Singapore's Prime Minister, Singapore ONE offers over 120 applications to Singapore users, and selected applications to the 100,000 users currently on the @Home Network here in North America

Speaking at the conference, Thomas Yeoh, a senior official from Singapore's National Computer Board said, ``Singapore ONE's leading edge broadband technology and an advanced electronic commerce environment are starting to converge in Singapore, creating what is truly the business environment of the future. Companies can offer new types of products and services as well as develop attractive and innovative ways of reaching out to customers or business partners, and in so doing, learn how to conduct business successfully in the new millennium.''

The e-commerce infrastructure in Singapore is believed to be one of the more advanced today, with on-line purchases that can be paid through cashcards or secure credit card payment systems. Some Singapore banks are already using digital certificates and smart cards to allow their customers to carry out secure on-line banking. Additionally, the government is currently considering comprehensive legislation - an electronic transaction legal framework, public key infrastructure, and cross-certification - to encourage more on-line commerce.

"Beyond the potential that the technology offers in terms of new business models and paradigms, businesses on Singapore ONE will have access to one of the most IT-literate, technologically advanced and largest market bases ever served by a broadband network - from the current 10,000 users, the network's Singapore user base will grow to 100,000 by next year and 400,000 by the year 2001. Internationally, selected Singapore ONE applications are currently accessible on the @Home Network here in North America. We are currently discussing more of such content sharing arrangements and network inter-connectivity with broadband network and communities in other parts of the US and Western Europe,'' he added.

Singapore has been recognized as the second most IT literate country in the world by the World Competitiveness Report, with over 40 percent PC penetration in homes and more than 350,000 Internet subscribers in a city of just over 3 million people. In addition, Singapore's telecommunications infrastructure is entirely digital, while all homes will have access to the Singapore ONE network either by telephone lines or TV cable by end-1998.

TMC TI5VG+ Review   8th June 22:16 pm 

AnandTech just posted a review on the TMC TI5VG+ Super7 motherboard. This motherboard is the one I like most as it supports 5 PCI peripherals, 1 AGP and 2 ISA slots. It features the new VIA MVP3 which supports 100 MHz Front Side Bus as well as pseudo-synchronous bus. This means you can run your memory bus at a different speed to the AGP/PCI (66/33 MHz) as well as to the FSB. Meaning, if you have the older 60ns EDO RAM or the non-PC100 SDRAM, you can still recycle them and take advantage of the FSB.

New New New Video Drivers!   8th June 21:10 pm 

Our video drivers page now features new drivers for RIVA128-based cards like ASUS 3DExplorer V3000, as well as updated drivers for the STB Velocity 128. Also, a time for Linux users to rejoice, coz here is the X-Server version for you!

Also included are the new 3Dfx OpenGL 2.1 and Orchid Righteous II drivers.

Grab all of them at our Video Drivers page.

Singapore Overclockers' Group  8th June 19:46 pm 

Singapore Overclockers' Group has just posted a new review on the ATI All-In-Wonder PRO 4MB PCI card. You can take a look of the review from here. Features of the card includes :The Complete Features includes :

  • Intelligent TV Tuner with DBX Stereo (PAL B/G Version!
  • 2D Graphics Acceleration and Enhanced Windows Capabilities (Web TV ready for Windows 98)
  • DVD Quality Video Playback
  • Still and Motion Video Capture
  • TV Output Display from 320 x 200 to 800 x 600 @ 60 HZ (NTSC)
  • 3D Graphics Acceleration
  • Multimedia and Gaming Software (as of above)

Quantum Obsidian2 200SB-8440V  8th June 14:02 pm 

Guys, take a look at the Obsidian2 SLI board with TV/Out. This card features a whopping trilinear fill rate of 180 Megapixels/second as well as a dedicated graphics memory bandwidth of  4.32  gigabytes/second, which is twice as fast as the nearest Voodoo2 competitor out there.

  • 66 MHz PCI 2.1 compliant bus interface
  • NTSC/PAL “TV-Out” with S-Video and RCA outputs
  • MGV 2D/VGA daughter card connector
  • SwapLock connector (SwapLock cable assembly optional)
  • Software Authentication protection feature
  • VESA video BIOS extensions (with MGV 2000)
  • VESA Display Power Management (DPMS)
  • High density DB-26 VGA monitor/pass through connector
  • Microsoft® Plug and Play ready
  • Display Data Channel (DDC) 2b compliant
Maximum Screen Resolution 1024 x 768
Effective Texture Memory 8 MB
Total Memory Configuration 24 MB
Maximum Sustained Trilinear Fill Rate (A) 180 Megapixels/Second
Maximum Sustained Textured Mesh Rate (B) 2.5 M
Dedicated Graphics Memory Bandwidth (C) 4.32 Gigabytes/Second

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