29 June 98 - 30 June 98
Highlights within this period includes:
  • AOpen AX6B
  • Pentium II - Genuine?
  • WinAmp 1.92
  • Intel Slashes Prices Again
  • Singapore Passes E-Commerce Law
  • Latest Diamond Viper Drivers
  • Xeon Benchmarks
  • A True TNT Preview!
  • Canopus WitchDoctor
30th June 1998 {Tuesday}
Canopus WitchDoctor 30th June 21:08 pm

Canopus has given a new lease of life to the old and aging Riva 128 chipset by releasing the WitchDoctor. Remember what Canopus did with the venerable Voodoo chipset when they launched their 6mb Pure3D card? Well, they are attempting to do it again by coupling the riva-based card with a reverse pass-through and a high quality TV-out (supports simultaneous TV/Monitor displays).

Looks like Canopus is trying to entice people with the idea of pairing up the WitchDoctor with a Voodoo2 to achieve the ultimate 2D/3D combo. Read AnandTech's review of this baby.

A True TNT Preview!  30th June 19:50 pm

VE's done it again. They've thrown at us their first impression of the RivaTNT from nVidia. The lucky boys got their hands on one of STB's pre-released boards. Concerned if your brand new Voodoo2 just got a kick in the ass? Find out from the snippet below:

"STB claims that what I witnessed was the TNT running at about 80% of what it will capable of when it ships in late August."

"Another thing that was very interesting is, according to STB, the TNT will _NOT_ be nearly as fast as two Voodoo2s in SLI. This has been a very popular rumor floating around...for extreme power users, it looks like dual Voodoo2s will still be the way to go."

"At 1024x768 the TNT was noticeably slower than two Voodoo2s, but very playable running Quake2 (easily over 30FPS). Incoming at the same resolution was absolutely gorgeous, and ran smooth as hell, never missing a beat. On average, my GUESS (as I did not see any numbers, and I wasn't allowed to benchmark) is that the TNT is currently around 10% faster than a SINGLE Voodoo2. With the card running at 80% of its capacity this obviously will go up, but nowhere near the speed of two Voodoo2s." 

"I was very impressed, overall, with the TNT (as I have been in the past, at shows and such) and think that nVidia has what will probably be the best 2D/3D combo card and will easily kick the PVRSG, G200 and Savage 3D's goods right in the jimmy (in overall performance)."  

Xeon Benchmarks  30th June 11:30 am

These are the latest Pentium II Xeon processors benchmarks from Intel.

Digital PWS 600au 18.4
HP C240 17.3
Intel Xeon 400/1 MB 16.5
Intel Xeon 400/512K 16.3
Sun Ultra 60/360 16.1
Intel Pentium II 400 MHz 15.8
HP C200 14.3
Sun Ultra 30/300 12.1

Wait. Did you notice that the Pentium II 400 MHz is only slightly slower (4.4% slower) than the much more costly Xeon ? Intel did not post the results of the Pentium II 400 MHz.

Why? People will ask why the US$2836 processor is only slightly faster than the US$671 processor. Intel do not want people to ask.

HP C240 25.4
Sun Ultra 60/360 23.5
HP C200 21.4
Digital PWS 600au 21.3
HP C180XP 18.7
Sun Ultra 60/300 18.3
Sun Ultra 30/300 18.3
Sun Ultra 2/1300 15.5
Intel Xeon 400/1 MB 13.7
Intel Xeon 400/512K 13.2
Intel Pentium II 400 MHz 12.4

So, it seems like the P6 core had reached it's limit even after Intel put in the fastest cache into the Xeon. Is it worth spending 4 times to buy a Xeon ? No way. I rather get four Pentium II 400 MHz then to get a Xeon/1 MB.

Latest Diamond Viper drivers  30th June 10:45 am

Diamond Multimedia has released their latest version of the drivers (V4.10.01.0127) for the Viper V330 (based on the Riva128 chipset).  They are available for download from here.

Singapore passes E-Commerce Law  30th June 10:30 am

Singapore passed a law today which established the rights and liabilities of people trading over the Internet. For more information, read here.

"The aim is for Singapore to play the role of a secure and trusted node where e-commerce transactions from the region and around the world are processed," Trade Minister Lee Yock Suan told parliament.

"We need to create an environment of trust, predictability, and certainty in the Singapore system, with good arbitration and good jurisdiction, for e-commerce to flourish," he said.

Intel slashes prices again 30th June 10:20 am

Intel slash the prices again for the mobile Pentium processors.

The price cuts should precipitate "price compression" similar to that which has occurred in the desktop market. Price compression is a phenomenon in which prices for computer products consolidate in narrower bands, closer to the low end of the spectrum, shaving the margins of PC vendors and reducing their profits.

Chip Old Price New Price
Pentium II 266 MHz $637 $444
Pentium II 233 MHz $391 $262
Pentium 266 MHz $348 $241
Pentium 233 MHz $213 $134
Pentium 200 MHz $134 $95
Pentium 166 MHz $95 $95

Since the price of the Pentium 166 MHz/MMX remained unchanged, it probably mean the chip will be phased out by Intel very soon.

29th June 1998 {Monday}.
WinAmp 1.92 29th June 13:45 pm

WinAmp 1.92 is released. Latest Features in Winamp 1.92:

  • Mousewheel support (controls volume, or seeks when pressed)
  • Win98/IE4 taskbar support
  • Skins can now change the color of most of Winamp's dialogs
  • Shift-minimize minimizes to tray
  • Plug-in name caching
  • Modeless prefs box, skin selector, about box
  • Better filetype registration. With unregistration, and individual extension selection
  • Totally new decoding engine include (IN_MP3.DLL) with support for MMX and 3DNow! acceleration, better sound quality, and more.

You can get WinAmp from our Utilities section.

Pentium II - Genuine? 29th June 12:09 pm

How do you know if your Pentium II is genuine? Do you know that an authorised distributor was accused of distributing fake Pentium IIs?

Hardware One gives you the exclusive review on how to determine a genuine Pentium II processor.

AOpen AX6B 29th June 10:35 am

HardWire did a review on the AOpen AX6B motherboard. This is a BX motherboard for Pentium II processors.

The quality of this motherboard is nothing less than superb.  AOpen clearly put quality first with this motherboard.  When I opened the box, this was the first thing I examined and was thoroughly impressed.  If you take a look around the CPU slot, you'll find a nice assortment of high-quality capacitors around the Slot 1 CPU interface, or to be more precise, ten of them.  The amount of capacitors used here almost ensures that you'll have a clean, steady voltage to the CPU. 

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