14 May 98 - 21 May 98
Highlights within this period includes:
  • Celeron And AGP
  • AOpen's 12Mb of Love V2
  • Seagate Vs IBM
  • Savage3D from S3
  • Creative Announces DVD-RAM
  • Matrox Productiva G100
  • Photoshop 5.0 released!
  • JBuilder 2
  • SCV to Increase Bandwidth?
  • Future of Fast Access
  • Cooling Fans
  • Latest BX reviews!
  • Delay in Windows 98
  • Apple demos 400Mhz notebook
  • Is Your Righteous Wrong?
  • Security Hole Found in 3Com Switches
  • Windows 98 Will Ship On Monday
  • Macromedia, Adult Site in Copyright Flap!
  • EU to Take Up Mobile Phones
  • Compaq And Iomega to Focus on CE
  • Diamond Multimedia to Acquire Orchid
  • Linux 2.1.102
  • Diamond Ships Suprasonic II
  • 64bit/66MHZ FDDI Adapter optimized for Sun Platforms
  • Western Digital Introduces New WD Caviar
  • Mitsubitshi Announces 128 and 256Mb PC100 SDRAM
  • Cirrus Logic Introduces Digital Audio Processing Chip
  • Need for Speed III
  • Intel Cancels Mobile Katmai
  • Sony Brings Monstrous Storage Capacities
  • Riva TNT
  • ICQ 98 DLL 1.26
  • Unreal Goes Gold
  • Monster 3D II with Monster Truck Madness II
  • IBM Announces New Processors
  • IBM and Symantec to Deliver New Antivirus Software
  • Creative PCI Audio Cards
  • Wicked3D - Really Wicked?
  • Real3D Starfighter
21th May 1998 {Thursday}
Real3D Starfighter  21st May 14:08 pm 

A recent review on the Real3D Starfighter running on the new Intel i740 chipset can be found at here. This card is selling real cheap at about S$200. Performance wise, it's slightly slower than the Voodoo2, but quality wise, it's definitely better than the Riva128 and on par with the Voodoo2. At half the price of a Voodoo2, you can seriously consider this card.

Wicked 3D - Really Wicked?  21st May 13:44 pm 

Some time ago, there were rumors spreading that a company was releasing a Voodoo2 card that was 40% faster than other Voodoo2 cards.

The Wicked 3D uses Metabyte's software technology to give up to a 40% better performance on Direct3D games than other Voodoo2 based graphics cards from companies such as Creative and Diamond Multimedia.

Metabte's on-going innovations in software allow for creative and optimum use of the latest entertainment software and hardware technology. Included in Metabyte’s arsenal of software innovations is its new Transformation and Lighting engine. Provided with the Wicked3D featuring Voodoo2 optimized software drivers, the new Transformation and Lighting engine will further enhance the gaming experience by accelerating DirectX. As demonstrated in the Wicked3D featuring Voodoo2 3D Winbench 98 numbers, the engine speeds up the DirectX 5.0 by approximately 40% on a Pentium II 300 MHz system. "Metabyte understands that gamers want higher frame rates. Metabyte has identified and removed bottlenecks in the graphics pipeline allowing game developers to take advantage of our optimized code when developing the latest games. We have essentially made the engine more efficient and have given it more horsepower. Now we are telling game developers to step on the gas.", says Mr. Dave Cook, Metabyte Director of Engineering.

Reality or hype? Read about it down here.

Creative PCI audio cards  21st May 13:30 pm 

Anyway, if you are looking for a PCI audio card that offers a superior-quality 3D audio experience, it's finally here! Creative recently launched the Sound Blaster PCI64 and the Creative Ensoniq AudioPCI - two new PCI audio solutions that are targeted at providing consumers with the best 3D audio experience. The Sound Blaster PCI64 supports 4-speaker output with 64-voice polyphony via Microsoft DirectSound, DirectSound 3D as well as A3D (emulation).

The cheaper version is the Creative Esoniq AudioPCI which supports 2 speaker output with 32-voice polyphony and multi-timbral capability.

Take a look at below.

Singapore AWEsome Course
Creating Music on Computers using AWE64 Gold

Duration: 2 days
30th May - 2:30pm to 9:00pm and 31st May - 9:30am to 4pm
Venue: Creative Technology Limited - Function Room

Want to create some AWEsome music? Come down to our AWEsome course and see how it's done using Creative's Sound Blaster AWE64 Gold. The closing date for registration is 25th May, fill out the form and fax it to us now!

Fish again!  21st May 13:13 pm

What great news! My trusty Sportster 33.6k modem just died. The shop (Elan Venture) where I bought the modem closed shop, and they didn't even give me the warranty card! They assured me I don't need a warranty card when I bought from them.

You only need to call this number and send the modem back to them...

Now, I just got a Pioneer DR-U06S SCSI-II CDROM. Now, this CDROM reader has a average seek time of 60ms, and it features the revolutionary Slot-in disc loading mechanism. I will recommend this drive to anyone who wants the fastest drive in the market now.

I don't have the warranty card for this CDROM and I wonder what will happen if the shop close down and my drive is faulty?

If you are feeling sorry for the author, please send any donations (no wreaths please) to him.

IBM and Symantec deliver antivirus software  21st May 12:32 pm 

IBM and Symantec Corporation announced that they would combine forces to deliver a single family of antivirus products which will be marketed under the Norton AntiVirus brand name.

Symantec will license IBM's immune system technology and patents and will combine it with its own technology to produce a range of products, including new solutions to support IBM platforms. As part of the agreement, IBM has also assigned its existing antivirus customer and OEM contracts to Symantec and will recommend Norton AntiVirus to its corporate customers worldwide as the antivirus solution of choice. In addition IBM and Symantec intend to sell and market the Norton AntiVirus product line worldwide.

In a related announcement, Intel said today it is incorporating IBM's antivirus engine technology into its LANDesk Virus Protect products and other Intel network management products featuring LANDesk Virus Protect functionality

IBM announces new Processors  21st May 11:21 am 

IBM will release two new versions of the 6X86MX processors with performance ratings of 300 and 333. A performance rating roughly corresponds to a megahertz speed rating of a Intel chip, according to the company, although the actual speed of the chip is lower.

Another piece of juicy news is that Intel acknowledged that it has licensed an underlying and hitherto proprietary piece of microarchitecture to an unnamed third party, loosening its stranglehold on the high-end computing market.

Monster 3D II with Monster Truck Madness 2  21st May 07:21 am 

Diamond Multimedia Systems, Inc. announced today that the retail version of its 12MB Monster 3D II, based on the Voodoo2 chipset from 3Dfx, includes a full version of Microsoft's hot new 3D game for the PC, Monster Truck MadnessTM 2. The 12MB Monster 3D II,  provides the fast frame rates and extensive hardware 3D feature support necessary to bring smooth, realistic motion to the richly textured 3D models of this hot racing title.

"Software bundles can play a significant role in a gamer's decision to buy a graphics accelerator," said Ken Wirt, vice president of corporate marketing at Diamond Multimedia Systems. "An exciting, extremely detailed 3D title like Monster Truck Madness 2, combined with the brand-name recognition and 12MB power of our latest Monster 3D II accelerator, presents an attractive 3D upgrade to the hard-core PC gamer."

19th May 1998 {Tuesday}

UnReal goes Gold!  19th May 02:31 am 

The wait for 1998's most eagerly anticipated 3D action/adventure PC game is nearly over as GT Interactive Software Corp.  Epic MegaGames and Digital Extremes announce that Unreal has gone "gold" and is currently being manufactured. Unreal will be available at retail outlets nationwide on Memorial Day Weekend.

"Consumers around the world have waited a long time to play Unreal and we are excited to be only days away from delivering its revolutionary game-play experience," says Holly Newman, vice president of Marketing for GT Interactive. "Seeing is believing and once gamers play Unreal they will understand why it is the must-have PC game of the year."

In anticipation of the retail release of Unreal, nearly 20,000 people have registered on GT Interactive Software's Web site to download a playable demo version of the game while more than 200 Unreal fan-based Web sites on the Internet spread the Unreal "word" with screen shots, game information and chat rooms. In addition, many of the sites are preparing to host Unreal servers for multi-player tournaments and level editing contests.

ICQ 98 DLL 1.26  19th May 16:10 pm 

ICQ 98 with DLL v1.26 is available at here. ICQ is a revolutionary, user-friendly, Internet program that tells you who's online at all times. No longer will you search in vain for friends & associates on the 'net. ICQ does the searching for you, alerting you in real time when friends or colleagues sign on. In addition, ICQ continually tells you which of your friends & colleagues are online.

RIVA TNT  19th May 11:45 am 

The Riva TNT chipset will be coming out late this summer. Now, the new chipset uses 32bit rendering, this is more accurate than the old Riva 128 dithering method. Also, RAM is no longer limited to 4 MB, instead the card will come configured with 4, 8 or 16 MB of high speed 100-200 MHZ SGRAM. For more information, look at the FAQ on RivaRave.

Sony brings Monstrous Storage Capacities  19th May 11:33 am 

Responding to the increasing capacity demands of multimedia computing, Sony Electronics announced an array of storage solutions specifically designed to handle video, audio, graphics and other complex data types. Sony showcased its newest storage technologies, from the next-generation High Capacity Floppy Disk Drive System (HiFD) and DVD-based products, to the 5.2GB magneto optical drive and the latest member of Sony's Spressa(TM) CD-Recordable (CD-R) line.

"Today's consumers and business people have to deal with significant amounts of intricate information -- video and audio clips from the Internet, still images from digital cameras and 3-D graphics. They need products that can keep up with these storage demands," said Dick Komiyama, president of Sony Electronics' Computer Components and Peripherals Group. "Sony's family of storage products was designed with 21st century multimedia usage in mind."

The new CRX110E/CH CD-R bundle incorporates an EIDE interface and a tray-load mechanism. It also features 4X record speed, the fastest read speed currently available for CD-R at 24X (maximum speeds), and Sony's CD Right! CD creation software.

Sony's DVD-ReWritable (DVD+RW) technology will provide 3GB of rewritable capacity on a single disc. Designed to offer data storage and distribution markets a smooth migration path from the world of CD into the DVD realm, this drive will be read-compatible with all CD-based media, including CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-Rewritable (CD-RW), DVD-ROM, and DVD-R. The drive will incorporate constant angular velocity (CAV), spinning the disc at a constant rate, which improves performance. The Sony DVD+RW drive is expected to be available at the end of 1998.

The Sony DDU220E/H 5X DVD-ROM drive bundle includes the first 5X DVD-ROM drive available on the market, a REALmagic(TM) Hollywood Plus DVD PCI MPEG2 decoder card from Sigma Designs(R), an audio cable and two DVD-ROM titles. The Hollywood Plus hardware decoding solution utilizes analog overlay technology and alleviates the PC's CPU from decompressing the MPEG2 stream, allowing the CPU to multitask while the card decodes the MPEG2 signal.

Intel cancels Mobile Katmai   19th May 10:23 am 

Intel has canceled plans to produce a mobile version of its forthcoming Katmai microprocessor, an Intel customer in the notebook PC sector told CMP's Electronic Buyers' News.

According to a story by Mark Hachman and Sandy Chen published in the May 18 issue of Electronic Buyers' News, the change in Intel's product road map was made at the request of PC original equipment manufacturers who want to reduce the time and money spent redesigning notebook PCs to accommodate Intel's latest microprocessor products.

"We relayed the information (to Intel) that our own customers required fewer product revs, and that they wanted each [new processor] to be significant," said a PC OEM executive who spoke on condition of anonymity.

One industry analyst also reported the mobile Katmai is not included in Intel's official road map, but said he had not heard definitively from the company that the project had been pulled.

If the cancellation is true, Intel, in effect, would be consolidating its notebook-product road map, eliminating the Katmai and leaping directly to its next major Pentium II revision for the portable market, the Coppermine.

The change is not expected to affect Intel's first-quarter 1999 introduction of the Katmai processor for the desktop PC.

The Pentium II-based Coppermine will be introduced in September 1999, with production slated for November. The 450- to 500-megahertz device is expected to be released on a 0.18-micron process to satisfy a 10-watt power budget, according to the OEM source.

Need for Speed III   19th May 08:46 am 

Drivers, get ready your engines. Need For Speed(tm) III has been in development  for many months now and Electronic Arts managed to keep the security tight enough. You'll be excited by the news of the new NFS III. It just may be too fast for you to catch at here.

18th May 1998 {Monday}

Cirrus Logic Introduces Digital Audio Processing Chip  18th May 21:46 pm 

At the Audio Engineering Society Convention (AES), the Crystal Semiconductor Products Division of Cirrus Logic, Inc.  today announced a complete, system-in-a-chip solution, the CS4912 device, targeted at cost-sensitive digital audio applications. The CS4912 integrates five previously separate components into a single piece of silicon: a 24-bit digital signal processor (DSP); RAM for program and data storage; a phase-locked loop (PLL) clock generator; a digital audio transmitter port; and a stereo CD-quality digital-to-analog converter (DAC).

By combining functionality previously found on separate silicon devices into a single chip, the Crystal CS4912 offers significant economies in silicon, packaging, pin count, board interconnect area, assembly and test over multi-chip solutions. This makes possible a further reduction of manufacturing costs for audio DSP applications in auto, TV and mini-component systems.

Mitsubishi announces 128 and 256 MB PC100 SDRAM  18th May 20:38 pm 

The Electronic Device Group of Mitsubishi Electronics America Inc. today announced its plan to sample 256-megabit (Mb) and 128-Mb synchronous dynamic random-access memories (SDRAMs) that will support the most stringent PC100 SDRAM specification defined by Intel Corporation.

Manufactured in a 0.2-um CMOS process technology and offering low-power consumption 3.3-volt operation, the PC100 SDRAMs will be available as discrete ICs and as a full array of modules. Applications include high-end servers, workstations and mainframe computers.

The new 256-Mb and 128-Mb devices are targeted for the most stringent ``2-2-2'' goal for CL2 (Column Address Strobe Latency 2) performance, as described in Intel's PC SDRAM specification. The ``2-2-2'' nomenclature refers to 2 clock periods for CAS latency, 2 clock periods for RAS to CAS delay (tRCD), and 2 clock periods for RAS precharge (tRP).

Mitsubishi's 256-Mb and 128-Mb PC100 SDRAMs will support an actual clock speed of 143 MHz, although Intel's PC100 specification requires support only for a 100-MHz data bus.

Western Digital Introduces New WD Caviar  18th May 19:38 pm 

Western Digital Corporation announces its second generation magnetoresistive (MR) head technology 2.87 GB/platter platform to its WD Caviar family of desktop hard drives. The new drive completes Western Digital's desktop transition to MR head technology.

"By aggressively driving areal density to 2.87 GB/platter, we are able to serve over 95% of the capacity requirements of the desktop market well into 1999," said John Burger, vice president of marketing for Western Digital. "The WD Caviar 8.4 GB offers our customers leading areal density with proven technology so we can raise the competitive bar for product quality and reliability."

The WD Caviar 8.4 GB hard drive has an average read seek time of 9.5 ms, combined with a 5400 RPM rotational spindle speed for today's high performance requirements. The drive supports Mode 4 PIO (programmable input/output), Mode 2 DMA (direct memory access) and Ultra DMA/33. Ultra DMA/33 allows data to transfer at speeds of up to 33.3 MB/s, doubling the current data transfer rate of 16.6MB/s.

64bit/66MHZ FDDI Adapter optimized for Sun Platforms  18th May 15:26 pm 

SysKonnect, a leading manufacturer of high-end server network interface cards for strategic network links, today announced the release of the SK-NET FDDI-PCI64 SUN network interface adapter. The new NIC is optimized specifically to run on Sun SPARC(TM) and x86 server platforms.

With the launch of its SK-NET FDDI-PCI64 64bit/66MHz FDDI server NIC product family earlier this year, SysKonnect is helping customers improve the performance of their servers. The SK-NET FDDI-PCI64 family makes more efficient use of the PCI bus by reducing the number of Central Processing Unit (CPU) cycles required to support the adapter. With this announcement, SysKonnect is bringing the benefits of its ASIC design - the key to its high-end server NICs - to the Sun server market as well.

"We've made it easier for network administrators to install and use the SK-NET FDDI-PCI64 family of server NICs on Sun SPARC and x86 platforms by optimizing it to run with the Sun Solaris(TM) operating environment," said Jim Kuciel, president of SysKonnect. "In addition, because our ASIC design frees the CPU from some of its adapter support functions, network administrators will see a jump in performance as processing power is freed up to run applications or other networking services."

Diamond ships Suprasonic II  18th May 09:10 am 

Diamond Multimedia announced shipment of the new Suprasonic II dual-line modem (read here). This modem is based on the new V.90 modem standard and can support speed of up to 112 kilobits per second.

"The SupraSonic II offers a very powerful Internet access solution for those who either can't afford or don't have access to ISDN," said Jim Cady, vice president and general manager of Diamond Multimedia's Communications Division. "The SupraSonic II with Shotgun technology represents the next quantum leap in analog modem technology. We've been successfully testing the SupraSonic II with ISPs over the past two months, and we've started deployment on a national level."

Now, is to wait for the 3 ISPs in Singapore to support it...

Linux 2.1.102  18th May 06:07 am 

Linux 2.1.102 is released. You can get it from ftp.nus.sg. Linux is a multiprocessor operating system. To learn more about Linux, go to www.linux.org

17th May 1998 {Sunday}

Diamond Multimedia to acquire Orchid  17th May 21:54 pm 

Diamond Multimedia Systems, Inc. and Micronics Computers, Inc. (Orchid)  announced today that the two firms have entered into a definitive agreement for Diamond to acquire Micronics at a price of $2.45 per share in cash, or approximately $31.6 million (read here).

Compaq and Iomega focus on CE  17th May 21:45 pm 

Compaq Computer Corp., Iomega Corp. and In Focus Systems Inc. will bundle a Windows CE 2.0 handheld PC, projector and disk drive in a single package. Users will be able to create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation on a PC and then store it on the handheld PC, which is connected to the projector to make the presentation

EU to take up mobile phones  17th May 21:12 pm 

European Union telecommunications ministers will try on Tuesday to agree on a plan to ensure that the 15-nation bloc maintains its lead in developing technology for the next generation of mobile phones.

Forthcoming legislation calls for EU countries to bring their licensing systems for Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UTMS) services into line with each other by January 1, 2000. It would also require that UMTS terminals are designed to work on either terrestrial or satellite networks and to communicate with GSM phones.

UMTS is a new standard for an "air interface," or the link the between the terminal and the network, which would enable new high-speed mobile phones and terminals for connecting users to the Internet and multimedia services like video-conferencing. GSM, or global standard for mobile communications, is the current European standard for digital cell phones.

Macromedia, adult site in copyright flap  17th May 04:09 am 

In the Internet's latest conflict, a giant is claiming copyright infringement (read here) over a little guy's cries of censorship.

Macromedia yesterday sent a cease-and-desist letter to Dennis Megarry, the owner and designer of pornography site VisualXTC, claiming that Megarry had violated Macromedia's copyright in pages that used its Flash animation technology.

If I weren't running an adult site, we wouldn't even be having this conversation,"  Megarry said.

16th May 1998 {Saturday}

Fish!  16th May 18:09 pm 

What is the world coming to? With the release of Windows 98 on 25 June, my Windows 95 crashed!

Anyway, after the crash, I installed Windows 98 beta 3. It detected all my hardware like scanner, printers, Voodoo etc correctly. It's more stable than Windows 95 and I think Windows 98 will be quite promising. Remember to check your favourite Sim Lim stores for the official release. :)

Windows 98 will ship on Monday  16th May 14:46 pm 

Now that its settlement talks with the government have broken down, Microsoft said today that it plans to ship Windows 98 to personal computer makers on Monday.

Under last week's agreement, Microsoft agreed not ship Windows 98, and the Justice Department and states agreed not to file any lawsuits against the software maker. Now all bets are off.

We negotiated in good faith from the beginning," said William Neukom, senior vice president for law and corporate affairs at Microsoft. "The government's theories for the personal computer industry were not in the interest of PC users."

Windows 98 remains on schedule for its June 25 launch, the company said.

15th May 1998 {Friday}

Security hole found in 3Com switches  15th May 11:38 am 

A previously undocumented security hole has been uncovered in 3Com Corp (read here). CoreBuilder 2500 and 3500 switches, according to sources.

Using downloadable management software, a "debug" account with a specific password gives remote users access to all administrative functions on the switch plus certain debugging commands not available to anyone, even administrators. The security hole also allows an offending party to access other passwords and change them, thus locking other users out of the switch. The problem affects any 2500 and 3500 switch that allows telnet access, the sources said.

Is your Righteous wrong?  15th May 11:32 am 

Apparently there are some problems (read here) with an isolated production of Righteous 3D that has demonstrated a sensitivity to operating at 50 MHz at the board level. Meaning, symptoms like repeated lockups while using Righteous 3D-supported applications and game software.

To temporary solve this problem, you may underclock your Righteous 3D to 48 MHz.

We (Orchid Technology) has taken the necessary steps to ensure that this issue will not occur again in the future. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. Orchid stands behind its products and warranty, and is committed to customer service.

Apple demos 400-MHZ notebook  15th May 11:02 am 

Apple demos the new 400-MHZ notebook base on the new Motorola chip technology. Also, Apple introduces the new AltiVec instruction set (similar to Intel's MMX instructions) to boost multimedia performance.

AltiVec consists of a new "execution unit" inside the PowerPC processor that is built to efficiently process certain kinds of data.

PowerPC chips with AltiVec will be able to process 16 times the number of data "chunks" for each "tick" of the chip's clock cycle compared to previous designs. In some applications, this could translate into anywhere from a doubling to a thirty-fold increase of performance, according to Motorola.

Delay in Windows 98  15th May 10:45 am 

Industry execs are asking the Department of Justice to back off the delay of Windows 98.

Any action by the DOJ that "might delay or block the release" of the new operating system would "endanger" the computer industry and adversely effect the U.S. economy.

"We and many other companies in the PC industry have spent millions of dollars developing, marketing and promoting products and services that depend on the on-time launch of Windows 98."

Latest BX Reviews  15th May 10:20 am 

Toms Hardware just did a review on 20 BX motherboards! Those planning to upgrade should take a look at it. Also included is a new motherboard guide. All the good stuff can be found down here!

Cooling fans  15th May 10:20 am 

Look what I found from www.3dfxcool.com. This site features all sorts of high quality cooling fans for your socket 7, 8, Pentium II as well as Voodoo cards.

14th May 1998 {Thursday}

Future of fast access  14th May 18:03 pm 

Here is an interesting article I read on ZDNet.

It'll be 4.3 years before there are 20 million Americans with fast access. The Swami defines fast access as greater than 1 Mbps , which rules out 56 K, ISDN and many of the satellite services on the market today.

It'll be 8.7 years before connections are fast enough and prevalent enough to create a true entertainment medium. A rich, fully animated multimedia experience requires near T1 speed -- and that is still years out for mainstream customers.

SCV to increase bandwidth?  14th May 17:21 pm 

All those cable modem users, you should know by now that SCV is currently connected thru Cyberway (Pah!) on a measly 2 Mbps link. Rumours is that SCV is trying to negotiate with Cyberway to increase the bandwidth to 4 Mbps. Keep your fingers crossed.

If you experience slow overseas access, please use the proxy at proxy.singa.pore.net, port 8080. If you do a reverse DNS ping on yourself, and find that you are from dyn1, you are in better luck! You can use the Cyberway proxy at proxy.cyberway.com.sg, port 8080.

JBuilder 2  14th May 16:38 pm 

Inprise Corporation announced the release of Borland JBuilder 2, a major new version of its award-winning family of comprehensive visual development tools for creating pure Java business and database applications for the enterprise.

"We are pleased to see that many large corporations are using JBuilder 2 to develop, deploy, and manage the next generation of enterprise distributed applications for Java," said Zack Urlocker, vice president of marketing at Inprise Corporation.

Photoshop 5.0 released!  14th May 16:02 pm 

Adobe announces the release of Photoshop 5.0. New features include multiple undos, editable text for creating high-quality typography and enhanced color management, including ICC support. You can find it at your favourite Sim Lim Square shop soon... :)

Matrox Productiva G100   14th May 15:13 pm 

In case you are still not aware of, Matrox launches the Productiva G100 AGP video card.

This new AGP video card has 8 MB of memory to deliver the fastest 2D acceleration in its class and the extra memory needed to process demanding 3D and video-based business applications for only $99 (U.S. ESP). This ensures maximum performance for Internet browsing and Web authoring, applications in finance, insurance and health care - as well as standard Microsoft Office applications.

Matrox Productiva G100 is based on the new Matrox MGA-G100 graphics chip whose 64-bit processor has integrated hardware acceleration of 2D, 3D and video for enhanced business productivity. Now, when will my MGA-G200 come?

Creative announces DVD-RAM  14th May 14:30 pm 

Creative is announcing their new PC-DVD RAM drive at the end of May. However, the current DVD-RAM delivers only 2.6GB storage space per side. This is less than the 4.7GB per side found on DVD-ROM.

Users who are looking for DVD compatible storage device will still find DVD-RAM a preferred choice at this time. In 1999, there will be a 4.7GB per side (9.6GB double sided) DVD-RAM appearing in the market.

Savage 3D from S3   14th May 13:55 pm 

At this week's Computer Games Developer Conference, S3 Incorporated  will debut its Savage3D accelerator running the industry's top 3D games at blazingly fast speeds.

Delivering the highest 3D quality and performance, the 128-bit Savage3D chip achieves an unprecedented 125 million pixels per second through its single cycle trilinear architecture; and delivers more than 4X AGP performance through its newly designed AGP engine and Microsoft-endorsed texture compression technology.

Seagate vs IBM  14th May 12:48 pm

Seagate's Barracuda series of SCSI drives has always been regarded as the "reference standard" against which other comers must be judged. The last rival, Quantum's Atlas III, did, well, not so good. The next challenger is IBM's Ultrastar 9LP. How did it fare? Check out www.storagereview.com to find out!

AOpen's 16MB of love V2   14th  May 11:20 am

It looks like AOpen is jumping on the 16MB of love train, check out this email from Nathan Tracy

(the thing that really sticks out is the just thought you'd like to know about a few new Voodoo 2 cards that AOpen has announced. I work for a company that distributes quite a few AOpen products, and in this months (May/June) issue of the AOpen Components Chronicle, way back on the last page, they announced that their upcoming Voodoo 2 cards are ready for pre-sale.

Name: AOpen PA2000
8MB $235.99
12MB $285.99
16MB Coming Soon

Celeron and AGP  14th May 11:05 am

Anand (Anand's tech page) has posted a spicy bit of information on Intel's Celeron chip coupled with an AGP card. Not a huge post, but here's some of the meaty part(s):

The email basically asked me to explore using AGP Video Cards with the Intel Celeron, since the idea that using a Celeron may cripple AGP performance due to the AGP Bus' reliance on a fast path to the System RAM.  The theory behind this call to attention was that without any L2 cache, the bandwidth normally available to your AGP card will be somewhat occupied by requests from the CPU since it has no L2 cache to serve as a middle man between the processor and the system ram.

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