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Issue 1 Addendum - Freestyle USB

By Flashman
Hardware One

Hello people!

Just a little addendum on my previous article on NFS3 and the Freestyle Pro. I have been bombarded with questions, so here are a few answers.

  • Question: Where did you get it from?
  • Ans: Tec-Drome Sim Lim Square 5th floor, Tel 3346300
  • Question: How much?
  • Ans: I don't know. Please ask. I threw away the receipt.
  • Question: Hi, like you I just bought the Sidewinder Freestyle. When I play NFS III, it was quite difficult to control at the cornering parts. Is there any software to reduce the sensitivity?
  • Ans: You can adjust the dead zone settings if you like. I did not do this because I like the control.

    To be truthful, like me, you thought that the cornering was difficult because of the sensitivity. As an afterterthought, this is wrong. The sensitivity makes this game REAL.

    If you drive, you know what I mean.

I have Rally driving experience, and to solve the problem, do powerslides. You take the corner at full speed, then jam the steering to the direction of the corner and press the accelerator all the way. Your backside will fishtail into the correct position, and you just power away into the new direction. If you need a little bit of extra turn, press the brake, WHILE KEEPING THE ACCELERATOR DOWN.

  • Question: What problems have you encountered?
  • Ans: Microsoft Motor Madness does require the USB joystick to be either:

1) Connected to the joystick port, or

2) Be the ID1 game device.

No amount of tweaking could get the Freestyle Pro to control Motocross Madness if either of the conditions above was not met. There is no patch for this at the moment, but hell, Motocross Madness plays very well on  my Force Feedback Pro anyway!

Any enquiry can be emailed to me at [email protected]