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5. Gameplay

5.1 Languages
The language used in the game is predominantly English. Even the narrator speaks in English. There are some Japanese subtitles which appear on the screen to "translate" the narration/commentator.

The only areas where some knowledge of Japanese might be useful would be the VMS save/load screens, which aren’t too difficult to figure out.

5.2 Gameplay Modes
The game offers three modes of play: Arcade, Consumer and Practice.

5.2.1 Arcade Mode
The arcade is exactly that, a reproduction of the arcade game. Unlike House of the Dead 2, thankfully, this game does not limit the number of credits you have. It’s free play, baby!

The arcade game gives you a very simple and fast way to learn the ropes, so the speak. If you look closely at the water, you can even see the silhouettes of the fishes, and can estimate the best place to cast your line.

You are initially offered a choice of three fishing locations. At each stage, you have to catch enough fish to meet the set target weight, which defaults to 5000kg for the first level, in a certain time limit. The weight break progressively gets higher by 1000kg for each subsequent level. You get some bonus time when you catch a fish, depending on the size of the fish. If you run out of time, just press Start to continue.

As you progress in the game also, you will be awarded different lures with which to attract fish. When you have cleared all three stages, you will open up a Bonus stage. In this level, there are no weight breaks. You just have to catch ONE fish, the elusive "Super BIG".

5.2.2 Consumer/Training
As you become more adept at fishing, you might to try the Consumer Mode, which is equivalent to the 10 Year Rally Championship mode in Sega Rally 2.

This is a lot harder than it sounds, because there are three new elements included: a new lake (with three new locations to fish in), time of day and weather, all of which can change the distribution of fishes in the lakes.

A traditionally good spot for fishing in arcade mode no longer "bites" because it is too warm and all the fishes have moved elsewhere in the lake.

I did terribly at first because I was so used to catching fishes in certain areas only.

This is where the training mode comes in. You just have to practice, practice, practice. Change the time of day and weather, and pick out the best spots to fish first. Then when you go back into Consumer mode, you are more aware of where the fishes would congregate.


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