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6. Controller
The fishing rod controller, which is made by ASCII, really does immerse you into the game. Unlike the arcade controller, it doesn’t offer true force feedback. It does however, have two built-in rumble motors (puru-puru pack not required). The first resides in the lower part of the controller: the grip. The other is located near the reel winding mechanism. While the rumbling mechanism isn’t true force-feedback, it is a good alternative. You instinctively slow down reeling the fish in when the stick rumbles too much.

The rod is also motion sensitive, but in a smaller way. It doesn’t seem to sense whether the rod is tilted to the left or right (which is needed when you need to oppose the direction the fish is moving in when you start reeling it in), but it does sense bobbing (small up and down) movements, which is necessary to make the lures more "realistic" (behave like a small shrimp/fish moving through the water).

The only negative comment I will make is that the Start button is in an odd position, at least to me, and is quite hard to reach when you are holding the rod normally. Otherwise, it is a great peripheral to own. BTW, when I was in Japan last week, I saw that ASCII has released a similar device for the Playstation.

I also tested the game with the normal gamepad with puru-puru pack, and they work just fine with the game. I had no problems fishing with it. The rumbling feels better with the rod, but then, you do have two motors in the rod.

If you had to choose between getting a gun for HotD2 or the fishing rod for Get Bass, I would suggest getting the gun. I was not hampered at all with using the gamepad in Get Bass, but had huge difficulties in using the gamepad with HotD2. Having gotten used to an inverted mouse/joystick for PC games like Quake and flight-sims, I found it hard to use the gamepad in the "un"-inverted mode for HotD2.


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