Get Bass: Sega Bass Fishing - Page 1

By Toh Boon Kiat

Hardware One

1. Introduction

Let's put it this way.

I used to laugh at those morons who played fishing games in the arcades ("Like... get a life, dude!"). But now, I am unashamed to admit that I have joined their ranks, hook, line and sinker. =)

So what accounted for this change?

I was at the local electronics mall two days ago hoping to get a good deal on a VGA Box but it didn't seem like any of the DC retailers were stocking it. For those of you who know Singapore, I was referring to Sim Lim Square. I finally got the VGA Box today, but that's another story.

Anyway, one shop was showcasing Get Bass on their demo machine and unlike many others, they actually hooked up the gamepad to the machine so you could test drive the game if you wanted to. OK, so the gamepad had a busted R trigger button (seems quite common in demo units after Sega Rally 2).

Since I was totally bored, I decided to bully the customer who was hogging the game into handing the controller over to me. A few well timed glares was enough to do it! =) I guess it also helped that I knew the sales people.

To cut a long story short, I was hooked (OK.. bad pun!) immediately.

It was just so easy to get into, and I didn't even read the manual (heck! I couldn’t even understand the manual if I wanted to). Fast forward to five minutes later and I was at the counter plonking down S$130 (US$1=S$1.7) for the game with the fishing rod controller. I have been fine-tuning my techniques ever since and I have had lots of practice. *grin*

Unlike HotD2, Get Bass isn't too hard to complete. But it also has good replay value. You just keep wanting to catch that elusive Super Big un (ooh err missus)! =) So far, I have managed to beat the records by reeling in a fish weighing over 9kgs! And I am yearning to catch a 10kg beauty!

2. A Quick Recap
Before I get into the review proper, just a quick note to keep you posted of what had transpired since my last review (House of the Dead 2).

I finally completed the Original Mode in HotD2, largely thanks to a Free Play (Unlimited Credits) option that I discovered accidentally. I still can’t figure out how I managed the Unlimited Play option though, since it wasn’t there the subsequent time I went through the game. =(

Anyway, I discovered what many others in Usenet have discovered. House of the Dead 1 doesn’t seem to be a hidden bonus.

I have also bought Marvel vs Capcom, but I don’t think a review will be forthcoming. There are many reviews of it on the ‘net already, and most are pretty spot on. The game is incredibly detailed, and has no slow down. The experts are also claiming that all the animation frames from the CPS2 arcade game are intact, with no hits in framerate.

But enough about the other games, let’s move back to Get Bass.


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