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4. The Puru-Puru Pack
The use of the rumble pack in this game is quite an achievement and shows the versatility of the add-on pack for the Dreamcast. I haven’t actually written a review of the Puru-puru pack, so I guess this is as good a time as any! =)

I bought the Puru-puru pack for S$49 (US$1=S$1.67), though I have seen it quoted from S$40 to S$90!! The price in Japan was a mere S$20.

4.1 Strength
I have only tested the game on two titles so far (Powerstone and House of the Dead 2), and the pack is sufficiently strong to create an immersive environment, though, nothing beats a real force-feedback device like my Microsoft Force Feedback Pro joystick or Logitech Wingman Formula Force steering wheel.

I feel that the strength on my Playstation dual analog pad when playing Street Fighter Zero 3 seems stronger than the implementation in Powerstone or HotD2.

4.2 Range of Effects
When I was playing Powerstone, I thought that the DC’s rumble pack lacked the range of rumbling found on the PSX controller.

With SFZ3, I experienced several degrees of rumbling (?), ranging from a slight rumbling when hit with a weak punch, to massive shakes when you get pummelled with super combos.

In Powerstone, there seemed to be only one setting from vibration.

Thankfully, with House of the Dead 2, I could discern various degrees of rumbling. When you press the trigger, there is a very slight rumble, but the intensity goes way up when zombies crash through the room.

Still, nothing beats the real recoil action from squeezing the trigger from my Innovation Jolt Gun, a third party gun which features arcade-like recoil (think of the original Time Crisis guns in the arcades), but which unfortunately suffers from the drift problems I mentioned earlier.

4.3 Overall
I think that while the Puru-puru pack isn’t a perfect solution, it is a really versatile device, which lends itself to a whole variety of controllers (including the arcade stick and steering wheel) and uses, which is why I am now itching for a second one.

It is still a fairly new device, and I can’t fault its performance on the first generation of games. I believe that with care in the programming department and experience, the use of the rumble pack will become more refined.


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