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8. Modes
There are several modes available when you first start the game. Like most Sega games, I suspect additional play modes will be accessible once you complete the game once. Unfortunately, I have not been able to do so, even with maximum lives, continues and the lowest difficulty level.

8.1 Training
You do get a Training mode, which is a series of tests you need to complete in succession. The first level gets you to save ALL the victims in a particular stage. It took me several tries to clear that level. Once you are successful, the second training level becomes available.

The second level involves using only TWO lives and 30 bullets to clear all the baddies in that stage. This is really difficult, and I haven’t been able to clear this stage, so I don’t know how many additional levels come after that.

8.2 Original
At first I thought that this option would give me access to the original House of the Dead game.

But it was a merely special Dreamcast version of the arcade game. You get 15 continues, but with only 3 health points each, but you do get access to special weapons (I managed to get a gun which fires 8 bullets before reloading). In the arcade game, you can go to the Options menu to change the number of health points to a maximum of five, and the number of continues to a maximum of nine.

8.3 Others
You also get access to a Ranking mode to see how far you can go on a single credit (no continues), and a Boss mode, where all you do is to face all the bosses in succession.

8.4 Secrets
There were rumours circulating in the Internet that this game featured the original House of the Dead game as well, but you might need a special cheat or to complete the game under certain conditions to assess that mode.

The rumour does seem to carry some weight since in the attract/demo mode of the HotD2, one of the sequences shows some scenes in the original HotD, in sepia tones, all rendered in real-time! This isn’t some half-baked sequence either. They show BOTH the original characters, ALL the bosses (Spider, Magician, etc) and even the front of the House. Bear in mind that these are all 3D models, which have been painstakingly created, so it would seem such a shame if they weren’t given a new lease of life in the game.

If this were true, it would be a GREAT thing for gamers. Imagine buying Daytona USA 2, and getting the original Daytona USA in the deal as well, or VF2 with VF3 (There’s still the US release). After all, these older titles were all based on the Model 2 board, and the Dreamcast is easily more powerful than Model 2.

Now, if only I had a Pro Action Replay (Gameshark) cartridge like on my old Saturn that could give me invulnerability! =) Just so I can complete the game!


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