House Of The Dead 2 - Page 1

By Toh Boon Kiat

Hardware One

House Of The Dead 2
- Developed by Sega


  • Light Gun
  • Analogue Gamepad
  • Arcade Stick
  • VGA Box
  • Puru-puru (rumble) pack
  • 2 Players

1. Introduction
The Asian version of House of the Dead 2 appeared in the shops, here in Singapore, on 20 March, 1999, five days ahead of its official release in Japan, as did Marvel vs Capcom.

"... after two days of intense zombie shootouts, I am here to write up my first thoughts of this game."

I was out of the country at that time, but the moment I stepped back on Singapore soil and put down my bags, I was off again to the electronics mecca we call Sim Lim Square. I plonked down S$155 (slightly less than US$100) for the game with the pack-in gun and a second gun! (a la John Woo... baby!). Still can’t afford to buy MvC yet, but HotD2 is so damned fun to play, my purchase of MvC can wait a while. =)

So, after two days of intense zombie shootouts, I am here to write up my first thoughts of this game. I haven’t been able to complete it so I don’t feel qualified to write a full review of the game. Knowing Sega, lots of secrets will probably be released once you complete the game under certain conditions.

1.1 A Second Look At Powerstone
But before I go into the review proper, let me just pen down some new thoughts about Capcom’s Powerstone, which was the last Dreamcast game I reviewed. A friend of mine had a housewarming party a couple of weeks ago and was told to bring my Dreamcast along. Most of the guys were pretty much amazed by what the machine could do, when I showed them VF3TB and Sega Rally2. But the game that got everyone all interested, surprisingly, was Powerstone (and I wasn’t sure whether I was bringing that game along because it was such an unknown title).

I quite liked the game in single player mode, but complained of the damn difficult AI, especially at the penultimate boss, which had a damn cheap killer AI.

But it was in the VS mode that the game truly shined. The simplicity of the controls was a great boon, and made the game really easy to pick up. But as the gang found out, as I had earlier, there was a lot more depth to the game: additional items to be picked up and used and of course, the Powerstones, which lent themselves to some incredible power-up moves. It was always interesting to experiment with all the characters to see what could be done.

VF3TB, on the other hand, required a fair amount of time spent on it before you could start yielding results, so the only people who enjoyed it that night were me, and another VF2 veteran (who owns a Saturn and VF2).

OK, enough about Powerstone. Let’s get back to zombie shooting!


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