Powerstone Review

By Toh Boon Kiat
Hardware One

Platform : Arcade/Dreamcast

If you’ve read my review of the Dreamcast (DC), you could probably surmise that I was a little itchy for more DC games. After all, you can only live this long playing VF3, no matter how good the conversion was.

Before I continue, there have been some new developments that prompt a re-look at Sega Rally 2. First of all, two codes, that allow you to change the framerate of the game, have surfaced. The first allows you to forego all the visual frills to give you max framerate.

  • Less Details, More FPS
    Up, A, down, down, left, right, B, B, down

With the code activated, you no longer get the splash effect when you drive over the water/puddles. I think you also lose out some of the debris that get thrown aside when you drive over gravel. The ostriches that run across the tracks in the desert level are also missing.

These are the only omissions I have noticed. There might be more if you switch to the external view (I prefer the internal).

The framerate still fluctuates a fair bit, occasionally reaching 30s, but mostly hovers at around 60fps. A lot of you might wonder why Sega didn’t choose to implement a constant 30fps, which is less distracting when playing the game. Well, your prayers have been answered.

  • Constant 30 FPS
    Up, A, down, down, left, right, B, B, up

While the 30fps might seem less impressive when you showcase the game off to your friends, it is (at least to me) less distracting to me, and I can concentrate better on the game.

If you want the latest codes and development in Sega/Dreamcast scene, you might want to talk a stroll along

Both offer daily updates. This is not a plug. I merely think both provide a steady dose of DC info to keep me sated until House of the Dead 2 comes out in March 1999.

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