Powerstone Review

First Impressions
I got home and plonked the disc in my Dreamcast and fired the machine up. Here goes...

Like most Capcom Japanese releases, the menu and options were all in Japanese kanji text. "Aaaaarrrgggh!" was literally, my first impression. =)

"The music is great and helps keep the tempo/pace required to play the game. If you ask me, the music actually gets me too worked up, and the only way I managed to defeat the bosses was to remain calm throughout the flight, so in the end, I just removed my headphones and played the game without ANY sound!"

Thankfully, the main menu also used some icons which had English text, and I could make out "Arcade", "Versus" (only available when two controllers are plugged in), "Options" and "Powerstone Collection" modes. The first three are pretty straightforward, while the last allows you to view various extras such as character endings.

Screenshot from Dimension-S

There is quite a comprehensive translation and a mini-FAQ from Chris Murdock, which can be found here, so I will not go into too much detail.

Without much thought and a whole lot of gusto, I went straight into Arcade mode, and selected the first player in the list (a guy in a World War I aviator outfit called Fokker) and went into battle.

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