Powerstone Review

The first time I played this game, I honestly wasn’t too impressed with the graphics.

Sure, the characters were detailed, the animation was kept a smooth, fluid 60fps throughout without any slowdown, the shading was smooth and the explosion/ transparency/ smoke/ lighting effects were all well done, no question about it.

Screenshot from Dimension-S
Screenshot from Dimension-S

But I couldn’t help but feel the characters looked a wee bit cartoonish. In fact, the last boss looked positively comical (a little like an extremely clumsy Godzilla). All these seemed a step down after the photo-realistic visuals of VF3.

I have since learned to appreciate the visuals in Powerstone a little more. It is after all a different genre from VF3, with emphasis on anime-like storyline and graphics. And if you look closely, it is quite impressive that each the framerate never, ever dips below the smooth 60fps, despite a barrage of action – some of the special moves can be pretty intensive and would have caused even my 450MHz, SLI Voodoo2 PC to grind to a halt!

Sound is pretty standard fare for Capcom. The sampling rate used for the announcement/speech does not seem to be particularly high, but it gets the job done, which is ultimately what counts.

The music is great and helps keep the tempo/pace required to play the game. If you ask me, the music actually gets me too worked up, and the only way I managed to defeat the bosses was to remain calm throughout the flight, so in the end, I just removed my headphones and played the game without ANY sound! =)

I feel that the game is just too darn difficult and it is easy to become discouraged and just give up on it. I hope Capcom tweaks the game balance a bit more, especially in the lower levels to give newbies (aka me) a fighting (pun intended) chance at the game.

The game itself is quite interesting, and the story mode (Powerstone Collection) seems to offer more depth to the storyline.

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