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C. Recommendation
I guess this means that the fault lies predominantly with the game itself, and not the VGA Box. If a game were written specifically to take advantage of the high resolution screens, you can bet it would look superb on the VGA monitor. Otherwise, be prepared to live with jagged edges. It is interesting to note that the two games which looked SUPERB with the VGA Box were both arcade Naomi ports, which of course meant they were written with high quality video monitors from the arcades in mind.

So is it a worthwhile purchase? I don’t really think so. At least, not for the casual gamer, who would most likely be satisfied with even the composite video connection that comes standard with the Dreamcast. Purists who demand the best video reproduction (with crisp but jagged images) need look no further.

But the one thing I haven’t tested the VGA Box with was the Internet browser. Since I have a Asian Dreamcast with no modem, I really couldn’t test out this feature. Why is this important? Any of you who have tried surfing with set-top units like WebTV, Saturn Netlink, etc will know of the frustration of viewing web pages on a normal TV screen, especially sites which cram everything in with small, excuse me, minute, fonts.

Once you see things in that perspective, the VGA Box suddenly makes a lot of sense. How much does a Dreamcast cost? US$200? How much for an additional keyboard, mouse, and VGA Box? US$100? A half-decent 17" monitor? US$300? So, for about US$600, you can effectively get an Internet PC AND a great gaming console to boot. How many of us can say that about our own PCs? I know I have poured several thousands of dollars into my PC already, and in some respects, it still loses out to the Dreamcast in 3D performance

The dream to put Internet into every home suddenly becomes highly probable.

"Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated."  - Borg Microsoft


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