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Game Control

When you take free kicks or corners in most soccer games, an arrow will indicate the direction and trajectory the ball will roughly goes, but there’s no such arrow in FAPLS! With this missing feature, taking a free kick or a corner is more or less a very, very rough guess! 

"It’s just like wearing an eye patch over one eye, judging distance and trajectory is greatly compromised."

No arrow to guide sure is difficult!

It’s just like wearing an eye patch over one eye, judging distance and trajectory is greatly compromised. I don’t know how many times David Beckham has skied the shot in my game! It is also more difficult to perform headers, first time volleys or kicks. I was playing a two player cooperative game just now and let me tell you, it’s weird. When there’s a loose ball, both players we were controlling suddenly came under computer control and ran towards the ball on their own, even when we violently pushed the gamepads the other way! 

Yellow Card - Don't you hate'em!

Plus, some of the physics in the game are suspicious. For example I  can head the ball from the halfway line and it might end up in the stands behind the goalkeeper. Overall, I feel that the game control is one of the important aspect that EA Sports should really need to look in. After a short while, you’ll find that the control over the players in FIFA 99 are much better and more responsive than FAPLS.


This is a good game, no doubt about it. The gameplay has been improved in almost all areas. The STARS system totally rocks and so does the inclusion of the power bar. All it needs now is a patch to fix the poor physics and the graphical glitches. Either that or wait for FIFA 2000 and hope that they address the problems encountered here.


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