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Is it me or did EA Sports bring out 2 soccer games last year? (Yeah but you gotta admit, World Cup 98 was cool. Remembered the time when you were watching the World Cup on the television and trying to recreate the excitement of the tournament on your computer?)

FA Premier League!

So does it surprise you if they’ve done it again this year? No? Then you probably haven’t heard that they’re going one step further this time. First FIFA99 was released earlier in the year, now F.A Premier League Stars has been released and before you know it, you’d be reading a review of FIFA 2000! Should you get FAPLS tomorrow or wait for FIFA 2000 on November 99? Read on to find out!

The Basics of the Game
Alright, down to business. As you probably know, the English Premier League is one of the most exciting leagues in the world. It boasts some of the biggest clubs in the world like Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool. The release of this game couldn’t be more appropriate after Man Utd won the treble of the Premiership, F.A Cup and the European Champions League in May.

F.A Premier League Stars (FAPLS) isn’t just another FIFA game, there are quite a few differences (even from it’s closest cousin FIFA 99).

I have read some of the wish lists on the FIFA fan sites, and I am pleased to say that EA Sports has answered some of our wishes!


Let's Goal!

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