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Enough of Physics, Tell me about the Gameplay!

Slow down!
The greatest change in the gameplay department is that the game has been slowed down somewhat to an almost playable level. I mean, the older FIFA games, in particular FIFA 99 and FA Premier League Stars, have been speed demons. The players run like Maurice Greene and seem to pass the ball telepathically. The greater the difficulty, the more insane the speed. I really liked  FIFA 99 but it was just too darn fast, which made me stick to playing on the Professional level where Iíd rather trash teams 5-0, than play at World Class difficulty and touching the ball no more than 20 times a half.

This problem has been addressed and on the normal speed setting, FIFA 2000 plays great. Itís still a tiny bit fast but this slowdown will add more to your overall enjoyment of the game than any graphic or sound enhancement EA Sports could think of. The computerís team is no longer a team of players injected with speed and skill hormones. Itís now safe for us to attack the computerís team without worrying about defending a blitz counter-attack. If they do counter, you would be more than able to regroup and try to win the ball back.

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Opponent AI
The opponent AI has been reworked a bit. They no longer score goals solely from inside the penalty box. Iíve let in goals from strikes outside the box, left of the box, right of the box and from just about everywhere!

Another point to note is that the computer now plays like a real life team, double teaming the player with the ball and this sometimes causes it to get caught on the blind side. For example, if you concentrate your attack on your right wing and suddenly cross the ball over to the left wing, youíd often find your left winger in acres of space and a good run through on goal.

The goalkeeping AI is the best Iíve seen in a soccer game yet. The good keepers make saves that average ones stand no chance against. My goalkeeper single handedly won the European Champions Cup for me, saving from all angles after a second half barrage of no less than 20 shots.

Through on goal!


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