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Ball Shielding
Another addition to the game is the ability to shield the ball from your opponents. When youíre running with the ball, your player automatically pushes away anyone in his path. Sometimes you get through, sometimes you donít.  If you do get through, fire in that low cross and see your striker smash a first time volley into the net! 

Another use of shielding would be to hold the ball up, then when the time is right, release a through ball to your strikers. This is one of the elements sorely lacking in previous installments, and itís an addition that is more than welcome.

Foul! Look at the pushing!

An arm a day keeps the defender at bay!

Free Kicks and Set Pieces
I did not mind that I did not score a single goal from a set piece, be it from a corner kick or free kick. But what really got me jumping was that the computer was scoring from almost every set-piece (I was playing on World Class)! So I decided to use the training game and fine-tune my set pieces. After about 90 corners and 60 free kicks, I managed to time my delivery and finishing to about 80% confidence in scoring from set pieces. It was worth it as Iíve won countless games by the odd goal thanks to these set pieces. So if you want to play better, learn to exploit set pieces.

Accuracy is important down here!

More options to play with

Hmm, who should I pass the ball to?

Once you get the hold of the game, youíd realize that itís quite easy. After 3 games into the season, I switched from Amateur to Professional level. After the 6th game and 32 goals later, I went on to World Class. Once on that level, things began to get hairy. It was much more difficult to score, to defend, to get the ball, it was much more difficult. Period. Only then did the game start to trouble me. I was scrapping for draws against teams like Bradford City and Southampton. However difficult playing on World Class is, you never get the impression that the computer is cheating. Occasionally, their strikers shoot wide when left with an open goal or their defence gets caught while trying to play the offside trap. Believe me, after a while on World Class, youíd realize that itís much more fun than playing on Professional.


What about team management?

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