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Team Selection and Style of Play
One great feature about FIFA games is that they all include most of the major leagues. The reason I say Ďmostí is because up till now, the American MLS was not included. This is great news for American fans of the series. The inclusion of ĎClassic Teamsí like Man Utd 1968 and Italy 1982 adds another dimension to the replay value of the game. All in all, there are 15 leagues, 40 international teams and 42 Classic teams. EA Sports claims 800 plus teams! Thatís a whole lot of football!

Team Management

This is the first time in a football game that Iíve fully utilized my whole squad of players. I donít know why, but in the other games, I never liked the idea of changing my team between matches as I always put out my strongest side. However, in FIFA 2000, Iíve switched my players around so many times that I feel like a real manager, worrying about the smallest details. Sometimes you may wish to leave your star striker on the bench so that he wonít get injured in the course of an inconsequential match. This is more important than it seems, especially if the next match is a crucial tie.

Customise Players

Though it will never be mistaken for any of the Championship Manager games, there are enough options to make the team play the way you want it to be. Apart from the usual formation change, you can even choose your style of play. Do you prefer short, direct passing or long balls? Do you want your team to soak the pressure and play on the counter-attack or to pressure the opponents into giving the ball to you? Every team has itís own style of play and most of the time, EA Sports got it right in the team modelling. You can also determine how good a player is by adjusting his stats like speed, shot accuracy and tackling. The transfer system is simple and allows transfers between eras as well, which means buying a player belonging to a Classic team just for the fun of it!

Customise Transfers


Er, how long is the game?

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