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Season Play

A regular season in the game comprises of the domestic league, domestic cup and European competition. The formats are all correct, that is, the European Champions Cup is now the revised format with 2 group stages before the knock-out rounds. In knock-out stages of the domestic and European Cups, away goals are doubly counted. The only thing that’s ‘wrong’ is the number of teams demoted/promoted at the end of the season.

Neck to Neck finish with Chelsea

Let me share this experience with you. I was using Man Utd and I went into the last game of the season tied on points with the second placed team, Chelsea. Needing 3 points to win the Premiership on goal difference, it was one nail-biting game of soccer. I was tied 1-1 with Bradford City and in the 89th minute they scored a goal to make it 1-2. Picking myself up, I pushed everyone forward and got an equalizer in the 92nd minute. It thought that it was all over, but I scored another goal to win the match 3-2 in the 96th minute! I cannot begin to describe to you how exhilarating it was! After that, it was again Chelsea in the English Cup Final and Bayern Munich in the European Cup Final (deja vu).

Winning the English Cup!

One thing I was pleasantly shocked to learn after completing my first season was that Southampton, Wimbledon and Bradford City were demoted while Blackburn, Man City and Charlton were promoted. I was wondering why the game was showing me this and it didn’t hit me until I saw this on the screen “ Would you like to play for another season?”  What could possibly be better than winning the European Cup, English Cup and Premiership in the first season? Defending it the next season, silly! I clicked on the yes button and saved my game, exhausted from the last three games of the season!

Away goals count double. Look at the Semi's!

All right! Multiple Seasons!


Alright, tell me about the graphics?

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