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Please tell me the graphics are better, or at least the same as FIFA 99!

Itís a beautiful, beautiful game.  

That's my first goal!

In a nutshell, the graphics are as good as ever. Player animations are lifelike, courtesy of a motion captured Sol Campbell. Players fall over differently. The heavier the tackle, the more exaggerated the fall. Heading and jostling look great as well. You can see your player use his arm to keep the defender at bay and your defender climbing on the back of the opposing striker to head the ball clear. Goalie movement is also excellent. In the game, I swear I saw David James miss-time his jump trying to clear a simple cross from the flank, exactly like in a match between Liverpool and Man Utd last season!

Look out for my ball!

Stadiums are recreated faithfully though every pitch looks and plays about the same size. Crowd animation has been added to further enhance the atmosphere. Weather effects are realistic and pitches look better than ever.


Players Layout

Did I mention that you can now choose the game resolution? Yeah baby, crank it up to 1024 by 768 and use Triple Buffering if your 3D Accelerator allows it! No more 640 by 480 for me!

Graphics Options

The only gripe here is that the players are skinny and big headed, almost alien-like. Just take a look at the screenshots and youíll see what I mean. Though a minor point, Iím hoping that one day the FIFA series would finally use the real team kits. FA Premier League Stars looks better because of this! I mean, if EA Sports can do it with the NBA, lets hope they tie something up with FIFA!

Players are too skinny!


Woowzz! Should I get the game?

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