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Keano Keano Keano!
What the heck is Keano Keano Keano? Ask any Man Utd fan and you'll know. Crowd chants, whistles, tackles are all recreated in the full splendor of Dolby Surround or EAX. 

Menu music is provided courtesy of Robbie Williams and some other groups Iíve never heard of before. Though not as catchy as the other FIFAs, they do the job well enough. I think EA Sports is even releasing a soundtrack album of the game! 

Match commentary is superbly done by the good old trio of John Motson, Mark Lawrenson and Gary Linekar, with over 80,000 words spoken between them. However, the American version uses the  MLS commentators and I understand they are nowhere as good as the original three. As such, you may want to get the European version instead.

Replay Value
After you find that the computerís no match for you, challenge your friends over a network or over a modem. Thatís the way to see how good you really are!

Multiplayer Options

Access the Internet to download the latest rosters or jersey updates from the FIFA fan sites. As Iím typing this, I just saw the first roster patch and AC Milan jersey ready for download. Though these are not endorsed by EA Sports, installing the appropriate patches bring about greater realism. For example, you could choose to install Bayern Munichís team jersey, make sure the ad boards in the European games are authentic or add Ronaldo to the Inter Milan team (heís currently called Number 9, see for yourself!)

Or you could be slightly bolder and cross your fingers and hope that EA Sports releases a roster patch to update transfers once in a while. Though itís unprecedented, who knows? It could happen!

Phew! It's about time to wrap things up!
Like I said in the beginning, FIFA 2000 is the best soccer game to date. Get it Get it Get it! They just don't get much better than this.


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