Volition FreeSpace 2 Review - Page 3

Installation and Setup
Before I touch on the installation, below are the specifications of the rig which I installed the game to :

  • Intel Celeron SL36A 300A (o/c 527).

  • 128MB Hyundai PC-100 SDRAM.

  • IBM Deskstar 10GP.

  • Voodoo 3 3000 AGP 16 MB

  • ASUS 40X CD-ROM Drive.

Game installation is a breeze. However, install space required is huge! A full-fledged install hogs a massive 1.2GB(!) and a scaled down version takes a hefty 800MB. A reduction in installation options is possible, but gameplay will notably suffer as a result. In fact, with maximum detail levels on my Celeron 300A (o/c 527), hiccups during briefings and combat are frequent without a full-fledged install!

Video, audio and control options are easy to set using an intuitive tab-based menu. 32-bit colour is available to those with the appropriate video cards. Direct3D and Glide options are supported. Users of Voodoo2 cards will be disappointed by the lack of an 800 X 600 Glide resolution option. Glide resolutions of only 640 X 480 and 1024 X 768 are supported.

The Tab-Based Menu for Setting Options

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