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The Greatness
There has never been a space sim quite like FreeSpace 2. The impressive graphics and adrenaline-rushing dogfights will keep you glued to the game for days. I found myself irresistibly progressing through the missions even though I had promised myself earlier to end the game for the day.

For fans of space sims who have never tried the original FreeSpace, you MUST give FreeSpace 2 a try. The original impressed me and I believe the uninitiated should be amazed by this second offering. Those who have experienced FreeSpace will be happy to know that there's more greatness from where it came from.

The Lameness
Had to do some nitpicking here because there can never be a product without a flaw or two. The AI for wingmen can do with some improvement. There have been a number of times where they blindly collide with my ship and other friendlies during non-combat situations.

The cut scenes need further improvement. They look flat and lifeless due to unpolished lighting and the lack of bump maps during rendering. In fact, the cut scenes are comparable to those we see in the games of 1994. Rather disappointing here.

Multiplayer lag is a problem, especially with 56k modems and below. An obvious indication of this is the disdain of some players in Parallax Online when these users join their game.

FreeSpace 2 is a fantastic game which offers the best in combat space sim experience you can ever get your hands on now. Its excellent audio and visual departments do very well to endear the game to the masses. Though far from perfect, Volition's free multiplayer service on Parallax Online offers a new dimension to gameplay. With such an impressive features line up, there is little to complain about. It is no idle boast that FreeSpace 2 is unarguably, one of the best games before the coming millennium.

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