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By Yingzong
Hardware One

"Starcraft really rocks!"

"Tomb Raider busts the competition!"

"Tiberian Sun kicks ass!"

"Unreal Tournament absolutely dominates!"

"Quake 3 Test is King of the Hill!"

Mind you, this list is not at all exhaustive. I'm sure many of us have caught these evangelistic comments from buddies around us. One genre of games which is not championed is sadly, that of the combat space simulator. Where does it fit in? Is the great combat space simulator a lost breed? It seemed ages past when games like Wing Commander : Prophecy and Privateer were the talk of gamers around town.

Those of us who played the Wing Commander series can testify to new standards of gaming which virtually placed us in the hot seat of the space jockey. Epic wars were fought (The Kilrathi Saga) and new worlds explored (Privateer). The thirst for more was unquenchable. Unfortunately, this was not helped by the fact that Origin Systems signalled an end to its space simulator legacy to focus on the multiplayer market. Fans were hugely disappointed.

Then came Volition Inc's Descent : FreeSpace. Initially, the Descent moniker prevented me from giving the game a chance. I believed it to be a multiplayer-centric game. However, rave reviews from buddies prompted me to give the title a try. I was not disappointed. In fact, I was quite impressed. Immersive gameplay and unprecedented battles of epic proportion were the trademarks of the game. And now, Volition has dropped the Descent moniker and produced FreeSpace 2, a continuation of the FreeSpace saga. Is FreeSpace 2 a worthy successor? Or is it a dud evident by a great many title?

So?? Tell me Already!!
Volition has produced a worthy and spectacular sequel! FreeSpace 2 not only exceeds my expectations, it also creates a new standard for the industry to follow. It has been a long time since a game has impressed me such. Before I go on, special mention must go to Jacilyn of New Era Entertainment for providing the game package for review.

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