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So what do you get in return for buying the game?  An instruction manual that's nicely done with explanations ranging from the various keyboard commands, tactics employed to ships data and a detailed historical section describing how the present scenario was arrived at.  A piece of CD containing the game.  A quick reference card for those who want to jump into the game immediately. 

Minimum requirements stated on the box are :

  • Pentium II 233

  • Windows 95/98/NT

  • 32MB RAM

  • 4x CD-ROM Drive

  • DirectSound sound card

  • 4 MB PCI Video Card

Contents of the Package

You belong to a group of people living in a desert planet called Kharak.  Over the centuries, your people begin to question the past of your race as science showed that you are not native to this planet.  Once orbital exploration was achieved, you discover unusual metallic objects in high orbit that cannot be traced to anywhere within your stellar system.  It was decided that a radar satellite be sent into space to search for more objects, a malfunction cause the radar to face itself on the planet and a large object was discovered in the desert.  An expedition was sent out and it was found that this object was an alien vessel.

Besides discovering a hyperspace module in the ship that enabled space travel, the most important discovery was a piece of artifact called the Guidestone.  Etched on that stone was a map that answered the origin of your race, the location of Hiigara ..... Home

This discovery brought about a co-operation between various clans as they collectively work to build a starship that will carry your people back home.  This mothership would be part carrier, part factory, part survey ship and temporary home to millions of people in deep sleep.

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