Volition FreeSpace 2 Review - Page 3

Installation and Setup
This is the configuration that I use to install the game :

  • Intel P2-450 

  • 128MB Mitsubishi PC-100 SDRAM

  • IBM Deskstar 22GXP

  • Creative TNT (o/c to 115/120)

  • Sony 6X DVD-ROM Drive

This game took up 300+ MBs of disk space and installation was flawless.  Instead of letting you choose between small, medium or full install, what this game do is to let you select which part of package such as movies that you wish to leave out.

I was pretty impressed by the various methods this game allows to cater to different types of computers.  It supports software, DirectX and OpenGL modes.  And what really impresses me is its ability to run flawlessly in NT 4.  The designers were certainly farsighted when programming this game.  This game does not support the more popular SB Live or Aureal 3D but instead uses its own 3D engine which I find acceptable.

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