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Navigating the Game
So how do you navigate your way thru this game that's part StarCraft, part Battlestar Galatical and part Starwars?  Fret not, the excellent tutorial that accompanies the game did a fantastic job of orienting you.  After going thru a series of practices, you should be ready to face the challenges.  The game itself contains 4 sections that you should master to ensure victory.

Sensor Manager
You will spend part of your time during the game in this section. Because this game is in 3D, you need not just to navigate your ships in the X and Y axis but in Z axis as well.  Using this section, you can navigate your way out of trouble, set up ambushes and execute pincer movements.  The key idea is to move in 3 Dimension, you have to free your mind from the old ways of moving your troops forward, backward, left and right.  Homeworld lets you do it from all directions!

Research Manager 
As with any RTS game, you need to carry some research to gain new units.  Ranging from fighters to capital ships, sensors to cloak generators.  Homeworld lets you have a wide range of possibilities to explore. 

Build Manager
So what do you do with your research findings?  Build them of course!  Like other RTS games, there is a limit of units that you can build.  In order to build your units, you need to harvest asteroids surrounding your ship.  Compare to other type of RTS games, in Homeworld, you can actually see the asteroids being shrunk as its being harvest or gases clouds being suck in by your harvester.

Launch Manager
As your mother ship is part carrier, it has a bay where your strike craft are placed.  In certain parts of your single player missions, you might want to store your small craft to protect them from attacks or intense radiation.  However its most useful purpose is to hide your true strength from any human opponent in a multiplayer environment.

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