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Single Player Skirmish
The single player campaign starts off with 3 training missions to familiarise you with flight controls and hotkeys. Advanced training missions will be available later in the game to teach better management of your fighter/bomber. These missions are very similar to those in the original FreeSpace. FreeSpace veterans will find these missions redundant. For those who are new, however, they are of immense help.

Another Battle In The Nebula

As mentioned earlier, you play the role of a space jockey who has a vital role in the fight against the NTF and the Shivans. The storyline is conveyed through a regular status update by the ship's captain and in-flight chatter. As usual, complete each mission well and commendations will be yours. Not that you would really care though. It's the thrill that counts! As you progress into the game, more ships and weapons will be available to you. You even get to fly Vasudan and Shivan fighters.

Clash of the Titans
One of the main attractions of FreeSpace 2 is the overwhelming sight of epic battles being consummated. Can you picture 3 capital ships tearing at one another with tens of fighters squaring off in the background? The resultant light displays, fireworks and audio fest are spectacular! Streams of light traversing the void of space, shockwaves from detonated bombs, exploding fighters and aspect-seeking missiles streaking in front of you are impressive sights to behold.

The Colossus Battles The Sathanas

The confusion characteristic of a titanic battle really gives one the thrill of battle in the cockpit. Gone were the days when a measly fighter jock like you was the bane of capital ships. I still remember the times when I could take out a few destroyers using just a Hornet in Wing Commander. In FreeSpace 2, you never want to get anywhere near those warships, les you get blasted to oblivion. Leave the capital ships to do their own battle and watch the fireworks from a safe distance. Respect their power and fear their presence.

The Plot Thickens
FreeSpace 2 follows a linear plot and allows little detraction. Special assignment opportunities are given from time to time but ultimately, you will still have to complete the same missions in the main plot. However, the staple missions are themselves already quite varied and I believe you will have little to complain here.

A Rip From A Cut Scene

Desperate but original ways are offered on how to take on a superior foe instead of the standard bomber strike tactic. Overall, the story line is quite engaging and the ending doesn't disappoint. The atmosphere in the game is rather moody and fatalistic but there is a determined touch to it. The good guys win the battle but lose the war. This makes the plot all the more credible. As a result, the ending leaves the player with a pang of regret that the game is actually over.

Another Cut Scene Rip

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