Volition FreeSpace 2 Review - Page 1

By Sniper
Hardware One

Sometime in July this year, I came home to pleasant surprise.  Staring at me was a beta copy of Relic's first game -  Homeworld. (hehe, I can't even remember when and where I sign up for the beta)  Anyway, without much delay, off it goes into my CD-ROM drive and I was soon in the tutorial.  Since its a beta, well it has its share of bugs and soon I lost interest in the game after a few minutes into the tutorial and I swear not to touch this game anymore.  Was I really wrong in my judgement!!!

Four months later, I came across this full version of the game again.  Having a prior bad experience with the beta, I was quick to ignore the game.  Then one fine day, I saw someone playing the game and I realize that this game allows me to command a fleet of capital ships with escorting fighters.  Having recalled that many years ago, I use to have much fun playing a turn based game from Taiwan based on the story of Macross, this time Homeworld is going to allow me to do the same thing in real time and in full 3D too!

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