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By Yingzong
Hardware One

Microsoft Madness
Fourth in the “Madness” series brought to us by Microsoft, Midtown Madness appears poised to drive home to gamers the message that Microsoft means serious business in the simulation games market.  Each “Madness” title brought to us always had the reputation for being a hit with the critics, bringing with it a sense of originality coupled with a dose of innovative fun. Midtown Madness appears to be another welcome addition to the series.

Ready... Go!

I must say that Midtown Madness follows a path treaded upon by few others. But then again, the driving genre has always followed a relatively dull and predictable path. Midtown Madness expands the driving genre further by deviating away from the norm. Road rage, a realistic modeling of the city of Chicago, screaming drivers and pedestrians are just some of the features available.

Hey Look! It's Superwoman!

More importantly, there’s a sense of freedom in the game unseen by other games. You can be the law abiding driver and meekly totter your way through the streets of Chicago or break the rules by inventing your own. That’s the essence of the game: It is no holds barred when you’re out there; You enjoy the freedom of safely driving like a manic because there is no possibility of doing so in reality.

The specifics of the machines which I installed the game into:

Pentium Pro 200

  • Intel Pentium Pro 200
  • Asus P/I-P6NP5 440 FX BABY AT Motherboard
  • 64 MB PC-66 EDO RAM
  • 2 x Seagate ST 52601A Medalist Pro 2.1 GB HDD
  • Asus 40X CD-ROM Drive
  • SBLive! with LiveWare! 2.0
  • Diamond FireGL 1000Pro PCI 8MB SGRAM
  • Canopus Pure3D 4MB
  • Sony Multiscan 15sf 15" Monitor

Pentium II-333

  • Intel Pentium II-333 (o/c to 416Mhz)
  • ABit BX 2.0 Motherboard
  • 128 MB PC-100 SDRAM
  • IBM Deskstar 10GP 10.1 GB HDD
  • Yamaha CRW4416E CDRW Drive
  • Asus 40X CD-ROM Drive
  • SBLive! Value with Liveware! 2.0
  • Voodoo3 3000 AGP 16 MB
  • NEC Multisync V700 17" Monitor

What's In The Package? Do I Get A Hot Wheels Toy?
Nope, nothing fanciful. In fact, the contents of the package were quite pathetic not to say the least. You are basically given just a cardboard box with a registration form, a warranty booklet and the game CD.

Duh... Where's The Manual? Gotta Have A Manual Right?
In the CD sleeve! Imagine my chagrin when I discovered that fact!


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