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That''s Cool... What About Gameplay?
With 10 different cars to choose from, you have to get used to the vehicle(s) of your choice. In addition, with an adjustable physics realism setting, you have to choose the setting that you’re most comfortable with for the vehicle of your choice. It takes a lot of practice to be accustomed to the handling of the vehicles as they are quite prone to skidding at higher speeds. Skidding is a factor that you have to pay special attention to when driving.  

Incoming! Break Right!

However, I am not terribly excited about the races that are available. It is basically getting to know the tracks with their shortcuts well enough for you to beat your computer- controlled rivals. It is akin to those old arcade games where you have to keep playing the same stage in order to win because incessant drilling in the stage makes you better. This is where the main frustration of the game lies. You have to keep playing the same track until you’re good enough to win. The tracks get progressively difficult and if you cannot seem to win the current track, the rest are probably out of your league also. It becomes such drudgery that you just feel like giving up the races after you’ve won enough to get you the extra vehicles and tracks.

A Duel with Chicago's Finest!

In Amateur mode, it already takes some measure of patience to unlock the vehicles and tracks. This is supposed to be easy because you just needed to get into the top 3 positions in 5 tracks for the Checkpoint and Circuit races each. The Blitz races are not a breeze either. All 3 types of races involves a great deal of teeth gritting repetitive driving. In the Professional mode, you have to get tops in the same races with harder to beat computer rivals, more traffic and less time for Blitz races in order to unlock the same vehicles. The unlocking of the Panoz GTR-1 requires you to accumulate at least 8000 points from the 3 categories of races. 

You Mean The Game Is A Strain On The Brain?
Yes. Trust me, the races are not easy, especially in Professional mode. The skids during tight turns are also difficult to control. It has a much steeper learning curve than the popular Need For Speed 3. After painstakingly unlocking the Panoz GTR-1, I feel that it is not that swell a car to drive either.

Turn back! Missed my Doughnut Shop!

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