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Any Other Bummers In The Game?
Well, I would have liked something else other than just time based races and checkpoint races coupled with the dull motif of unlocking vehicles. The lack of a campaign or career mode greatly makes the game less compelling to keep playing after you are bored of the races and cruises.

You Will Respect My Authoritah!

Microsoft Games could have exploited the fact that there was an entire city to play with. You could have been a maniacal courier or one of Chicagoís best tracking down bank robbing and grandmother-beating crooks or a traveling salesman on steroids trying to outsell his fellow vehicle-bound competitors or a crack-dealer trying to avoid the cops, just to name a few.

Road Rage!

With so much potential in the game, it is quite a waste not to expand the scope of the game. This really makes the game very much less compelling to keep playing. In addition, vehicle graphics detail is only given to the vehicles driven by you and the buses roaming the streets. The other cars minding their business on the roads appear flat and generic. The city structures, other than the prominent landmarks, are somewhat repetitive and generic. Another apparent flaw is that weather settings do not seem to affect road traction or vehicle handling at all.

You Mean The Game Is Lame?
Donít get me wrong. It is an enjoyable game. It is evolutionary but not revolutionary (Iím sure you must have heard that a great many times). But I personally feel that many things can be done to make it a really great one.

Houston, We Have A Problem.

But What About The Good Stuff You Said?
The attraction of the game was in the Cruise mode and multiplayer games, not the races with AI driven cars blazing down the roads with you.
I found myself spending most of the time freely driving down the streets of Chicago admiring the scenery with the Beetle or the City Bus. I even obeyed the traffic rules for the fun of it. I stalked other cars to see where they went and immersed myself in the sounds of engines growling as vehicles around me stopped before a red light.

Time For A Little Downtown Shopping!

The city was virtually alive and breathing with swearing drivers, different sounding horns from respective vehicles and pedestrians minding their own business by the pavements. The screams of terror from passengers inside a bus could also be heard after you collided heavily into one.

Wow! Superwoman AND Superman!

If you looked closely at the roads, you could even see the cloud shadows rolling slowly in a direction. Many city nuances were apparent. I could practically feel the heartbeat of the virtual city. And of course, for those of you with a penchant for road rage, this is the answer to your perverse prayers.

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