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Tell Me about the UT Core Engine!

Because the original Unreal engine was so advanced, its core engine basically remains for UT with the inclusion of a few enhancements and modifications. These include better netcode and better support for OpenGL. IMHO, the D3D code has been optimized tremendously because I can get pretty good frame rates with my “lowly” P2 [email protected]  To prove my point, below is a screenshot (press F9 to capture). This was played with 128Megs of RAM, SBLive! and my Asus V3400 TNT @ 117 core/ 123 Memory). The resolution is at 640*[email protected] The game is quite playable at 1027*[email protected] with a system configuration similar to mine.

(640*480) You can get impressive frame rates on fairly “OK” machines

One of the pleasing aspects of UT’s multiplayer side is the mods. Gone are the days when you find only pure Deatchmatches, which in my opinion, are rather bland. You can find not only the traditional Deathmatch but also game modes such as Capture the Flag(my personal favourite), Domination and Last Man Standing. I will delve into each of these modes later.

Weapons Sum it up!
In every FPS, futuristic weapons that deliver pure mayhem is an added incentive to the gameplay. Remember the prototype Gattling gun in The Jackal starring Bruce Willis? It is back with a more menacing look. It's a fact that nobody would like to have a “plain” Uzi firing the same old ball rounds. Something extra is needed to spice up a futuristic game such as UT. 

UT’s weapons are pretty impressive to say the least. First of all, we have the Impact Hammer which to some, is like the Flak Cannon from the original Unreal. Basically, what it “fires” is a “punch” and the strength of it will increase the longer you hold the trigger. It can actually decapitate a foe with a full charge but you need to be next to your target. In a way, it’s the weapon of last resort. Think of it as something like the Gauntlet in Q3T. 

The second weapon is the Enforcer. It looks pretty much like the guns used by John Travolta in the classic, "Face/Off". You can as a matter of fact, have a gun in each hand. Real cool … one of my favourite instant hit weapons. Yeah, you read it right! From a distance, you can actually use two Enforces to act as a Rail Gun, albeit with less firepower. It might actually offset this with its faster firing rate and the use of the second Enforcer.    

John Woo Double Enforcers!

The eightball gun makes a return this time. It doesn’t actually fire eight rockets but six. Funny huh? It’s sorta the equivalent of the rocket launcher in Quake 2/3. What good is a FPS without a rocket launcher, right? You may notice a slight delay in the firing of the rockets but this is to facilitate multiple reloads for multiple rocket fire. You can decline this option by selecting “instant fire rockets” for it to have the same effect as the Q3 rocket launcher. You can actually use the same infamous rocket jump to get to a higher platform. The ammount of ammo left is displayed on the gun itself so that you needn’t wander your eyes away during those intense battle moments. Credit must be given to Epic for this option.   

Multiple Rockets on the Go!

The ASMD rifle is UT’s answer to Q3T's Rail Gun. In its primary firing mode, it’s an instant hit weapon. This weapon is also included in one of the mods (Insta-Gib), where it’s called an enhanced ASMD. You basically need only to place a hit on the foe and he’s toast. This is good news to all those sharpshooters out there. In its secondary mode, you can fire balls of shock waves but it’s much slower. It does more damage, however and can actually neutralize any beam weapons that it hits. 

Primary Firing Mode of Shock Rifle 

The third and undocumented mode is to do a secondary fire and then fire another primary shock core to the secondary ball to create a bigger splash of damage.   

3rd Firing Mode of Shock Rifle

Flak Cannon, I think, can be safely singled out as the most dominant weapon in the game. Get one and hang really tight to it as its destructive powers are immense. In its primary mode, it shoots out shards of metal that reseamble the gun pellets of a shotgun. It’s pretty silly though to use this mode in a long-range fight but at point blank, this usually spells death for anyone in its line of fire. The secondary mode fires an explosive load out in an arch. 

Other Guns?
The Minigun is also a very mean weapon. It’s the same as the original Unreal in which it fires pretty much like the gattling gun in the Jackal. In its secondary mode, it fires a lot more rounds but at the cost of accuracy. 

Minigun firing away in full swing!

The Ripper is also cool as you can actually sever your opponent’s body if you fire at the neck or head, killing him instantly. The Ges-Bio Rifle also makes a return. Despite what others say about its ineffectiveness, I kinda like to use this weapon to intimidate my foes (bots). It has quite a fast firing rate but its range is not something that I’m proud of.

With the Sniper Rifle, you can zoom in to an opponent and pinpoint which part of the body you want to fire. A direct hit on the head will have him dead instantly. You must be wondering why I always mention the head during aiming. This is because UT has a location-based system where different parts of the body are more susceptible. Even the armor are divided into Thigh-pads and body armor. 

Weapons are cool! What about the rest?

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