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What are bots? Bots are computer-controlled opponents. There are various skills and behaviours you can set for these bots, such as their aggressiveness and priorities such as the need to support or guard the base. You can set them to be your foes or your teammates if you play Capture The Flag or Domination. The primary reason for having bots, in my opinion, is to let people with slow lines a taste of Deatchmatches without the associated lag. Bots are also used to train us up so that weíll be ready and familiar with the environment of Deathmatching. 

Bots in UT are very easy to set. Everything is put in a very presentable menu for you to set. Itís the same with the other aspects of the game too. For example, you can display the frames per second without actually typing ďTimedemo 1Ē. One thing I find a bit extreme is the skill of the Bots. In the novice level, you can actually see the bots not moving a lot, making them easy targets. In addition, their shots are way off the mark even at point blank range. On the hand, with the Ungodly skill level, you are lucky if you can get a kill ratio of 1:10. You have to try this setting to appreciate what Iím saying. Perhaps Iím just a lousy fragger! =^). You can also set the bots to automatically adjust to your skills via the ever-intuitive preference menu.

The one other thing that gets the thumbs up is the maps. These maps are really designed for the modes of game that they are designed to hold. For example, Morpheus is set somewhat like the skyscraper jump scene in The Matrix. There are actually 3 skyscrapers where you can make incredulous jumps from one to another in a low gravity environment (space). I really enjoyed this map. If you can control the two most important tips of the towers (you can get the shieldbelt and the Quad Damage bonus), you are as good as having dominated the game.

See what I mean by Dominating and lousy novice bots?

Gimme More! Gimme More!

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