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More on Maps

Sesmarís Tomb is great for a Domination game. There are basically three areas you have to secure. You can assign the individual bots or human allies to guard each of these areas. Your opposing team would be trying for the same goal and hence, itís how well you manage to defend (if youíve taken over an area) or attack (when you want to take over the area for your team).

I will not talk about the other maps . However, its important to find out as much of the map as possible. Intimate knowledge of the maps is essential in choosing your weapons. You wonít want to use the eightball gun or the ripper in an enclosed area as you might kill yourself more often than your foes. Exploring the maps also allows you to know where camping areas are or the location of the medi-kits or power-ups.

(1024*768) Uh-oh, Impending death?

Basically, mutators, as the name implies, change the basic attributes and properties of the maps. You can add zero gravity to any of the maps to make your character do bunny hops and monkey jumps and set all weapons to Rocket Launchers only. You can even set invisibility where everybody is invisible all the time. You can slice and dice these attributes according to your liking. This should prove exciting to many people as it adds more spice to it with the possibility of bizarre combinations. Try it yourself.

In Retrospect & Conclusion 
I must say that UT will split the FPS community even more than how Unreal and Quake2 did. With its beautiful graphics, very nice support for A3D and EAX, solid choice of weapons, mods, mutators and also its much-improved netcode, it stands as the next standard for FPS. Direct3D code has also been improved and you can actually play that game at 1024*[email protected] with a reasonable system and a fairly good 3D accelerator.

If you have any doubts/queries or if you just plain want me to tell you more, you can mail me (no flame letters please, weíre all civilized people).


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