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Yamaha CRW8424E CD-RW Drive
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Author: wymun
Date of review: 21-February-2000
Type Of Review: CD-ROM/DVD/CD-RW

Shortly after I had returned the Plextor PlexWriter 8432Ti CD-RW drive, it was immediately apparent that investing in a decent CD-RW drive for my future archiving / backing-up needs would be well justified. Now, although the Plextor drive did exhibit good potential, it falls under the higher price range of CD-RWs that discouraged my purchase. Furthermore, the main criteria for my CD-RW purchase centered upon good writing capabilities, albeit at a cheaper price-point. Hence, I scouted around for such a drive that accommodates these criteria, both for my own needs and secondarily for reviewing purposes.

In the end, I opted for the Yamaha 8424 IDE CD-RW drive for its versatile writing specs, footing S$488 for it. In comparison, the Plextor I reviewed retails at about S$80 more, offering a faster read speed of 32x but lacks the 6x CD-R writing capability of the Yamaha. In addition, the Yamaha drive is rated with a faster seek speed of 140ms (extremely quick for a CD-RW). I guess one may inquire why utilising a drive at 6x write-speeds would be important, if 8x writes would be faster and more efficient. The reason being is that the OEM, cheaper CD-R media usually do not support 8x write and most up to a max of 6x officially. At 6x write, it may still be possible to do so, and it was this possibility that greatly interested me. Furthermore, other sources have quoted that a drive-head capable of 6x writing, would ensure that the drive isn’t simply an overclocked 4x variant (with multiplier of 2) at 8x write speeds. Ultimately, this would be a more reassuring purchase, especially with the renowned Yamaha name behind the drive.

This drive does look pretty

Yamaha packaging has always been one of the most elegant IMHO.

Nevertheless, the question still remains as to how the Yamaha drive practically performs…

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