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Yamaha CRW-8824FXZ: FireWire Driven
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Author: wymun
Date of review: 11-October-2000
Type Of Review: CD-ROM/DVD/CD-RW

Executive Summary

Yamaha's FireWire-based CDRW was announced several weeks back, and we were fortunate to stumble upon a pre-release sample for evaluation. The package also contained the drive, accompanied by an OEM FireWire PCI card cum cable.

Although the bundle contained no drivers at all (understandable, due to its beta form), Win2K had no problems auto-detecting it for use. Furthermore, it exhibits good portability, handling dis/reconnections without problems.

FireWire and CD-RWs
FireWire technology shows exceeding promise, but its use so far has been confined to mainly DV products and MAC components. However, this is set to change as more manufacturers adopt the standard, especially where portable high-speed storage products are concerned.

For portable CD-RWs, the constrained bandwidth of USB interfaces makes it a short-lived standard for CD-RWs, which are progressively getting faster. FireWire CD-RWs will soon take over, considering its abundant 400Mb/s bandwidth and "hot-pluggable" nature.

The Yamaha FireWire CRW8824 doesn't disappoint, and records an excellent performance. Especially in the area of On-The-Fly file transfers in Win2K via Adaptec's DirectCD, it shows substantial speed improvements over its IDE equivalent.

In addition, it exhibited no difficulties or stutter during multi-task operations whilst writing.

The drive is indeed a joy to possess. It shows good performance and boasts the benefits derived from a FireWire interface, well worthy of the HW1 Editor's Choice award!

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