24th May 2016 

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Introduction & Bundle
Board Highlights #1: ATA-100 RAID
Board Highlights #2: 3D Sound onboard
Board Highlights #3: Miscellaneous Offerings
Test Configuration And Compatibility
Overclocking And Performance
RAID_0 Performance #1: ATTO (RAID 0)
RAID_0 Performance #2: HDTach And Sisoft Sandra(RAID 0)
RAID_1 Performance #1: Speed
RAID_1 Performance #2: Reliability

Iwill WO2-R: Rock Stable
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Admittedly, my past reviews have been focused on the Athlon arena, rather than the mega-chip makers INTEL. But still, the full-fledged / bounteous specifications on the WOR-2 probably represents the epitome of any single-processor system (Athlon or not); although the recently released Abit SAR6 poses a potential challenge with similar specs – RAID ATA-100 & I815E chipset. Nonetheless, if you remain unconvinced, check out its details below, as listed on Iwill’s website:

Frontal shot of the motherboard

With its additional ATA-100 RAID controller (altogether 04 x ATA-100 channels), integrated 3D sound with purportedly 4.1 capability, extensive Power Management facilities and INTEL’s latest I815E chipset, etc, this motherboard seems to have it all!! The only less endowed support seems to be its 03 x DIMM slots, which really isn’t a liability for most users.

The 82801BA I/O Controller Hub that distinguishes an I815E from the I815

Now, let’s get acquainted with its main highlights…

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