27th May 2016 

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Upgrade Your Nokia 6630 to Music Edition
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iPOD Nanoo Nanoo
Canon 20D - Worthy Successor...
Another route to color printing...
Continuous or Interrupted Inking System?

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Table of Contents
Background: The History That Shaped Tomorrow
Features Overview: General Inspection
Features Overview: General Inspection Cont'd
Features Overview: nFinite FX Technology
Features Overview: nFinite FX Technology Cont'd
Features Overview: Lightspeed Memory Architecture
Features Overview: Lightspeed Memory Architecture Cont'd
Features Overview: Lightspeed Memory Architecture Cont'd
Features Overview: High-Resolution Anti-Aliasing
ELSA Gladiac 920: Bundle
ELSA Gladiac 920: Test Setup & Demos
ELSA Gladiac 920: Quake III Arena Benchmarks
ELSA Gladiac 920: AquaMarks Benchmarks
ELSA Gladiac 920: Vulpine GLMark
ELSA Gladiac 920: 3D WinBench 2000 1.1 Benchmarks
ELSA Gladiac 920: 3D Mark 2001

ELSA Gladiac 920 GeForce 3
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ELSA Gladiac 920: Bundle
The press launch kit that arrived for evaluation is not in its final retail form yet, though we were carefully briefed upon what to expect. Let me go through what is included now and update you on what the buyer will ultimately get in the consumer package.

Box Design and First Freebee

The box design is distinctively ELSA but since the Gladiac 920 bears a whole new core based on the GeForce 3 chip, a female gladiator posing a reflective wavy surface accentuates all the right curves that will be made possible on the new card.

The sharp-eyed folks will also notice a mousepad affixed on the box front, and that is one of the freebies included. A bonus for the many many dollars folked out!

Inclusion of Giants: Citizen Kabuto
The final retail pack will differ slightly from what is shown above, and aside from the press-launch CD to be updated into its final retail form, ELSA will bundle a highly-anticipated game, Giants: Citizen Kabuto!

Why the excitement over one game? The game, which is an action game played from the first- or third-person, is described to be one of the most wildly imaginative, funny, and enjoyable action games by Gamespot.

We'll leave you with some official screenshots of the game in action but leave you to find out more from its official website at Interplay, and here are two links to independent reviews of the game:

  1. Guru3D's review on Giants: Citizen Kabuto
  2. Gamespot's review on Giants: Citizen Kabuto

TV-out and S-Video to RCA Converter Cable
Notably, the card we have comes with TV-out capability and a S-Video to RCA converter cable is provided for its use.

Getting Physical for the First Time
Tearing apart the box and holding it for the first time in my hand, the card looks well constructed and the components compacted to a reasonably dense but neatly arrange configuration - akin to the reference design (Woah, not the least unexpected is it?

Cursory inspection will lead you to think this is identical to the earlier GeForce 2 GTS/ULTRAs, but the layout is indeed not far off. The construct of the heatsink fan, and ram-sinks are virtually identical.

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