28th May 2016 

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Table of Contents
Background: The History That Shaped Tomorrow
Features Overview: General Inspection
Features Overview: General Inspection Cont'd
Features Overview: nFinite FX Technology
Features Overview: nFinite FX Technology Cont'd
Features Overview: Lightspeed Memory Architecture
Features Overview: Lightspeed Memory Architecture Cont'd
Features Overview: Lightspeed Memory Architecture Cont'd
Features Overview: High-Resolution Anti-Aliasing
ELSA Gladiac 920: Bundle
ELSA Gladiac 920: Test Setup & Demos
ELSA Gladiac 920: Quake III Arena Benchmarks
ELSA Gladiac 920: AquaMarks Benchmarks
ELSA Gladiac 920: Vulpine GLMark
ELSA Gladiac 920: 3D WinBench 2000 1.1 Benchmarks
ELSA Gladiac 920: 3D Mark 2001

ELSA Gladiac 920 GeForce 3
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ELSA Gladiac 920: Test Setup, Installation and Demos

Test Setup

Here is the machine setup involved in the testing of the ELSA Gladiac 920:
  • 2X Intel Pentium III 700 at 933MHz
  • 1X Iwill DVD266-R VIA Apollo Pro 266 mainboard
  • 2X 128MB PC2100 DDR SDRAM
  • 2X Maxtor 15GB ATA66 HDD in RAID0 setup
  • 1X Seagate 20GB ATA HDD
  • 1X Yamaha 8824 CDRW drive
  • 1X Sony 6X DVDROM drive
  • 1X Sony 48X CDROM drive
  • 1X Creative SoundBlaster Live!
  • 1X 3Com 10/100 NIC
  • 1X Intel 10/100 Pro Management NIC
  • 1X Sony CPD-G500 21" monitor

Here is the software configuration of the test machine:

  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional with SP1
  • Microsoft DirectX 8.0
  • Creative Liveware! for Windows 2000
  • NVIDIA Detonators 11.01

Benchmarking Tools:

  • ZD 3D WinBench 2000 v1.1
  • Quake 3 Arena
  • AquaMark v2.1
  • MadOnion 3D Mark 2001

Installation was plain and straightforward, so much so that there was little use for the comprehensive manual included in the package.

The setup CD autoplays and sets up every detail you would need to get going. The included drivers were ELSA's own based on version 11.xx of NVIDIA's Detonator drivers.

A bunch of extra candy was provided in the forms of screen savers and feature demos that showed off the GeForce 3's capabilities.

NVIDIA's Chameleon demo was especially impressive! A very realistically rendered chameleon walks and sways in a life-like fashion with scaly reptile skin that creases as the body moves, reflecting light that is incident on it.

As the chameleon passes through different colour vegetation, its skin colour morphs realistically to take on the colour of the surroundings.

However, there are more than a bunch of demos that can be downloaded straight from NVIDIA's developer site. However, to have it all, grab the NVEffectsBrowser with Effects if you wish to see some of the cool effects that the GeForce/GeForce2 is capable of, then amaze yourself further if you have a GeForce 3 card.

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