26th May 2016 

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Table of Contents
Background: The History That Shaped Tomorrow
Features Overview: General Inspection
Features Overview: General Inspection Cont'd
Features Overview: nFinite FX Technology
Features Overview: nFinite FX Technology Cont'd
Features Overview: Lightspeed Memory Architecture
Features Overview: Lightspeed Memory Architecture Cont'd
Features Overview: Lightspeed Memory Architecture Cont'd
Features Overview: High-Resolution Anti-Aliasing
ELSA Gladiac 920: Bundle
ELSA Gladiac 920: Test Setup & Demos
ELSA Gladiac 920: Quake III Arena Benchmarks
ELSA Gladiac 920: AquaMarks Benchmarks
ELSA Gladiac 920: Vulpine GLMark
ELSA Gladiac 920: 3D WinBench 2000 1.1 Benchmarks
ELSA Gladiac 920: 3D Mark 2001


ELSA Gladiac 920 GeForce 3
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The GeForce 3 marks a giant step improvement in terms of 3D graphics technology. The innovation involved in its making and NVIDIA's outstanding all-round delivery of the product can only be praised. It arrives to include a set of solid drivers, an arguably future-proof feature set and excellent performance unmatched by any.

As anticipated, ELSA has based the Gladiac 920 product on NVIDIA's reference design for the GeForce 3, to back it up with their established reputation and quality manufacturing.

In all benchmarks that mattered, the ELSA Gladiac 920 demonstrated its finesse and showed itself, convincingly, to be the top dog.

Being fully compliant with Microsoft's DirectX 8 API and backward compatible with previous T&L hardware, the buyer can rest in the knowledge that the ELSA Gladiac 920 GeForce 3 will play all present and next generation games in their full glory, never to miss a beat.

ELSA is also packaging with the Gladiac 920 a compelling game, Giants: Citizen Kabuto, adding value to its retail box. What's more, the buyer gets a 6-year worldwide warranty for the product.

So is it worth it?

Consider this, few people actually need play Quake 3 at 1600x1200x32 at 60 fps though it is nice to have, but judging from game titles like AquaNox, the level of complexity in the graphics rendered will only continue to increase, in which case, only a top-performing card will suffice.

While it is unlikely that you will be disappointed with the ELSA Gladiac 920, be forewarned that much of its technology is ahead of time and affording one today may not buy you instant gratification. The steep price and premium that accompanies such a top-of-the-line product does, however, buy you unparalleled performance, pride and joy.

A final note would be that as with all NVIDIA technology, and assuming that the company will not drop the ball in its relentless 6-month product cycle, obsolesence is only a short while away.

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