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OCZ: "Niche"-nstein
Enter the Titan: Specs & Bundle
Installation And Set-Up
Impressions & Overclocking
Benchmarks#1: 3DMark2001
Benchmarks#2: Quake 3 Arena & 3D Winbench 2000
Benchmarks#3: FSAA Impact


OCZ Titan 3: Top Of The Pack
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Author: wymun
Date of review: 06-November-2001
Type Of Review: Videocards

OCZ: "Niche"-nstein
Unlike renowned hardware giants (e.g. IBM, Dell, Creative, etc), OCZ comes across as a PC manufacturer of minute proportions and humble origins, often relegated to obscurity by laymen. Yet, amongst the niche overclockers' community, the slightest mention of OCZ indefinitely conjures up irrepressible drools and cat-walk whistles over the least of their products. Fact is, any product developed by OCZ promises uncompromising performance of distinction, having been customized and manufactured with top notch components.

Bearing testimony is their highly successful range of Dominator HSF’s, which have consistently enthralled overclockers with their potent cooling abilities. Yet, it was really their flagship line of Titan graphic cards that enamored and captured the hearts of enthusiasts worldwide, boasting default specifications surpassing the norm, thereby guaranteeing at least a performance edge over stock cards. And none is more highly sought after than OCZ’s Titan 3 video card, which sports the venerable GeForce 3 chipset. It is this card that we examine today…

Boys...Keep yer pants on!!

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