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Sound Blaster Extigy
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Author: dracon
Date of review: 23-February-2002
Type Of Review: Soundcards

Creative Extigy

When news of Creative announcing an external SoundBlaster was released early last month, almost everyone in the PC was buzzing with excitement. Termed Sound Blaster Extigy, short for External Audigy, it ushers in a new era in PC audio, especially for those laptop/notebook users who longed for an audio upgrade.

Nice box

The Sound Blaster Extigy is basically the external version of the Sound Blaster Audigy packed in a box. The rear and front panel provides a range of I/O audio connectors that includes among others, Optical I/O, Line-In, Mic-In, Digital-Out and MIDI I/O. A Dolby Digital Decoder is also incorporated, providing 5.1 audio experience.

The package from another angle

With support for Creative’s own EAX 1.0, EAX 2.0 and EAX ADVANCED HD effects, notebook/laptop users can now enjoy the kind of positional audio what their PC counterparts have been experiencing since the introduction of EAX.

Connection to the PC/Laptop/Notebook is via the USB port: There’s no need to open up the PC casing at all. For those who cringe at the thought of opening up a PC to install a soundcard or ZIP drive, this is your dream come through. No more oily screwdrivers and missing casing screws.

I like the flat design

Mac and Linux users will surely be disappointed to learn that there isn’t any plans in the immediate future to develop drivers for both OS. Things may look brighter for Linux users as they still have the open source community to turn to. Not so sure about the Mac community though.

Enough said, let us move on and find out what the lastest incarnation from Creative has to offer.

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