Canopus Spectra 5400 PE - Page 10

Q3Test 1.06
(largest texture size / high quality sound)
- Using “timedemo=1; demo Q3Test1demoX” commands:

As expected, with the higher clockspeeds of the Spectra 5400PE, it ousted the Diamond V770 in all of the benchmarks. This is particularly seen in higher resolutions, where performance gets limited by the TNT2 core / mem speed itself, and the Spectra 5400PE starts pulling away from its competitor. At lower resolutions, the performance of both cards is nearly equal, and limited by the CPU speed itself.

As I don’t have a TNT2 Ultra card myself, I can’t really compare similar overclocked results between cards. But based on extrapolation, the Spectra 5400PE does perform as well as any of its overclocked TNT2 Ultra counterparts. However, if you’re expecting Canopus to have worked wonders in speed or overclockability with their proprietary hardware / software design, you’ll be largely disappointed.

"Okay, that’s fast enough for me in any case. So, how’s the picture quality with the Super Signal Highway and Dual Filter technology?"

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