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Spectra 2500 Dejavu
y first impression was that it bears more than a striking resemblance to its predecessor. Check this out…

One would expect Canopus to have altered the Spectra’s packaging to reflect its latest offerings with greater marketing appeal. However, it seems that they have chosen otherwise, and persisted with the same colour scheme for branding purposes. But in retrospect, I guess the gold stamped “Premium Edition” logo does add a touch of class to the product.

But having said that, the Canopus engineers do know how to please with their sophisticated and non-reference design circuitry. Just look at those etches and one must admit that the Spectra 5400PE’s indeed a Beau…

Canopus! You’re still dangerous. You can be my graphics card anytime…  


Aesthetics ain’t everything, what about ‘em features??

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