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Card Overview
Having heard the hype, let’s look at the whole enchilada that the card offers in specs:

  • Nvidia Riva TNT2 Ultra chipset (default at 150 core)
  • 32MB of 200MHz (5ns Elite-MT) SDRAM (default set at 183)
  • Hydrodynamic, metallic fluid-bearing cooling fan
  • Signal Super Highway (patent pending)
  • Dual Filter System (DFS) (patent pending)
  • Expansion Connector
  • AGP 2.0 compliant
  • DirectX 6.1 and OpenGL API Support
  • Standard DB-15 analog monitor connector output (SSH Type-D)
  • Resolutions up to 2048 x 1536 supported in High Colour; up to 1920 x 1440 supported in True Colour.
  • Horizontal and Vertical Synch rates: 31.5kHz – 167.5kHz; 60Hz – 150Hz.
  • 3D functions supported include Alpha Blending, Anisotropic Filtering, Bilinear Filtering, Trilinear filtering, Bump Mapping, Environment Mapping, Fogging, Gouraud Shading, Hardware Triangle Setup Engine, MIP Mapping, Perspective Correction, Specular Highlights, Stencil Buffer, Subpixel Precision, 12GFLOP Floating Point Geometry Engine, Texture Mapping, Transparency, Twin Texel Engine, Z-Buffering.
  • System Requirements: Intel Pentium II, III, Celeron, AMD-K6 or other systems supporting AGP; CD-ROM drive; Windows 98 or NT4.0; Free AGP (2.0 compliant) slot.
  • Optional Components – Spectra Video Port 600, SSH Type-B board, SSH Type-D/TV and BB75 cable.

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Special Features
Extracted heavily from the manual, here’s the fuss on all the special features:

Signal Super Highway (SSH: patent pending)
To maintain optimum image quality, the display information signals are kept isolated all the way from the video DAC to final analog output. This advanced isolation and micro-stip circuitry allows crucial impedance adjustments, ensuring a pure and perfect signal output.  

This is a D-Sub 15pin mini VGA connector board, standard on the Spectra card.

Dual Filter System (DFS: patent pending)
To allow the best performance on a variety of monitors, the Fine Filter was developed. In addition, a Super-fine Filter was developed to ensure the best performance on high-end monitors exceeding 21 inches. This setting can be altered via coloured jumpers on the board itself. Fine Filter is set by default.

Hydrodynamic Bearing Fan
Talk about space-age looking equipment, the bundled 0.14 DC fluid-bearing fan does look the part. It is designed to attain the best cooling capabilities, whilst eliminating excess noise and vibration.

Optional Components
Spectra Video Port 600
This add-on for the Spectra series allows real-time capture and compression of video (in Motion JPEG and MPEG compression schemes), using a high-speed software encoder. It connects to the expansion connector and has built in support for closed-captioned video monitoring and super fine 1500x1125 pixel still captures. It mounts conveniently in a standard 5.25” drive bay for easy access to the audio and video cables.  (Cannot be used with SSH Type-D, SSH Type-DTV boards)

SSH Type-B / SSH Type-DTV bracket boards
Basically, the Spectra is quite modular in design and allows one to swap out its elevated mounting bracket for brackets with different options. The SSH type-B bracket board provides a BNC output and uses impedance matching (75 ohm) beryllium copper contacts, whilst the SSH Type-DTV bracket board offers TV-out capabilities in addition to the D-Sub 15 pin mini VGA connector.

It’s a strange that the Video Port 600 cannot be used with the above 2 specialized bracket boards.  Perhaps the Video Port 600 would already offer such connections from its front panel?

"For SGD 550, please tell me what killer software is bundled with it…"

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