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Card Comparison
Firstly, letís look at the cards side-by-side for any those unfamiliar with the Diamond V770. I had previously screwed on a SGD 4 fan onto the oversized V770 heatsink to provide the active cooling necessary to overclock it at max settings.

Firstly, I must reiterate that running my P3 at only 504 MHz, actually represents a performance degradation for my V770 in absolute terms (especially in lower resolutions). However, in order to provide a fair comparison, I ran the following benchmarks at that speed on my V770 (overclocked to 162 / 192) using the latest Nvidia 2.08 ref drivers. Here are my findings: 

3D Mark 99 Max 16-bit Tests
(all done without the n-polygon test)

Unreal v 2.25
(all settings on for D3D / Nali Castle flyby)


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