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By Wy Mun
Hardware One

About 2 months back, I had heard that Canopusí was slated to release an Nvidia Riva TNT2 Ultra card whose specs would even surpass that of the Herculesí. Obviously, this came as a pleasant surprise to many (including myself), as Canopus had fervently announced their complete withdrawal from the desktop graphics market scene.

However, the Canopus brand name has always been synonymous with both quality and innovation. And with their past credits demonstrated in the original Spectra, including the revolutionary Witchdoctor technology and practical in-game control functions, one canít but expect anything less with its next generation graphics board. So I guess if anybody could deliver, Canopus would undoubtedly be high on the list of potentials.

Thus, I couldnít wait to see what tricks & features these professional designers had in line. In addition, my current system consists of a 32MB non-Ultra Diamond V770 (o/c to 162/192), which I thought would be a worthy comparison. 

I am a strong advocate that a niche group of 3D enthusiasts (like myself) exists, who would be willing to spend the dough for a quality product. But letís see if the Spectra 5400PE can really justify the high SGD 550 price tag placed upon itself.

"Lookiní good, but show me the substance?"

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