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Packaging & Contents
This drive comes with a standard package that reseambled that of the older Compro 7502. Except for the EasyCD creator, which boasts a newer version, everything else was the same. They basically have the drive, a SCSI card and cable, a copy of EasyCD and 2 pieces of CD-R for your burning needs.

The manual was detailed and systematic, teaching you how to hookup your SCSI card and set the SCSI ID and terminator. 

Detailed manual teaching you how to install the drive and SCSI card


The Compro 7503 is a SCSI drive and it comes with it's own SCSI card. It is recommended that you have some knowledge on how to connect the SCSI cables as well as how to set the SCSI termination. If you are not familiar with SCSI installation, do not fret as I will guide you a step at a time.

Adaptec 2906 PCI SCSI card

Each SCSI device on a SCSI chain must have a unique ID. Since a SCSI chain may have up to eight devices--including the controller card--the ID numbers range from 0 to 7. 

SCSI chains also require that the chain be terminated (with a resistor pack) at each end of the chain, but nowhere else. Some devices are able to sense automatically whether they are at the end of a chain and adjust their termination settings accordingly. Others may have a jumper or DIP switch that can enable or disable termination. Still, other devices may require physical terminators, such as an external plug that attaches to a cable connector or a series of SIP (single in-line package) resistors that must be inserted or removed. 

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